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Learning enhancement



The purpose of learning enhancement is broadly defined within Trinity Laban by two overarching themes:

  1. The assurance that learning and teaching (and associated mechanisms of Quality Assurance) are robust in their maintenance and development, whilst keeping the objective of the learning experience as a priority;
  2. Provide support for innovation and development in learning and teaching, focusing on curriculum development, pedagogical innovation and student engagement.

Both of these themes are framed by the Learning and Teaching Plan, which can be found here: Learning and Teaching Plan 2012-15

The Head of Learning Enhancement has a responsibility to ensure that learning enhancement is an active process within the institution, whilst capturing good practice and facilitating innovation and change. For a further outline of how these two themes manifest in practice, see below. 

As a specialist training institution, Trinity Laban has been at the forefront of learning and teaching in training the creative practioners of the future. To ensure that what the student engages with and what our tutors provide is aligned with current practices in higher education, Learning Enhancement works alongside tutors in a variety of quality assurance mechanisms that enable the institution to ally their work with relevant frameworks and benchmarks.
Enhancement is not only about making sure that learning and teaching practices are correct and robust; it is also about promoting change and innovation developments. To support this element of enhancement the Head of Learning Enhancement works alongside staff and students to facilitate, and sometimes lead, processes exploring new ways of doing things. Applications for learning and teaching projects to external funders, leading on reviews of how marking and feedback is constructed, and producing documentation for staff and students about feedback are just a few examples of how learning enhancement functions within Trinity Laban. 

Learning Enhancement newsletter

For the latest newsletter please click here: link to December 2012 Newsletter

For further information please contact:

Louise Jackson
Head of Learning Enhancement

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