Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we will cover your questions here, but please contact [email protected] with any further queries. We are happy to help and offer advice!

How old do you have to be in order to take part in Adult Classes?

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to take part in the Adult Classes. We have adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities taking part.

What are the classes like?

The atmosphere in the Adult classes is relaxed, friendly and welcoming! Sessions are in the evening from 6.30, or on Saturday mornings from 9.30, and people come to the Laban Building to take part in dance or movement classes for their enjoyment, relaxation, to improve health and meet people. There is a real sense of community with people returning each term as well as new people starting for the first time. You might want to watch our short promotional film which gives you an idea!

How many people might there be in a class?

We have a maximum of 25 participants in our dance classes in Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Zumba. For matwork classes in Pilates and Yoga we normally have a limit of 20 places.

Can I have a 'taster' class?

At Trinity Laban we do not offer 'taster' sessions for Adult Classes. Our teachers work in a progressive way developing material from week to week over a term, so these are not drop-in classes. However, we offer half term bookings (usually between 5 or 6 weeks) so if you are unsure you only have to pay for a half term block rather than the whole term.

How much does it cost?

We offer full or half term bookings, and there are concessionary rates if you are a full-time student, unemployed, disabled people or senior citizens. Please refer to the Fees page for specific details for the current term.

How early do I need to book?

Some of our classes are particularly popular so early booking is advised!

When can I pay?

You can pay for classes through our Online Shop at any point in the term or the year. Please note that class fees are non-refundable.

Do I need previous dance experience?

Not at all, we offer Level 1 classes for complete beginners or those returning to dance after a long break, and our teachers will take the time to cover the essential basics of the technique and build confidence over a number of sessions.

I have previous experience in dance, what level is best for me?

For those with previous dance or movement experience, we have higher level classes. Level 1 Improvers in Ballet will provide more challenging vocabulary and a slightly faster pace. Level 2 Contemporary will include more complex phrases and sequences. We also offer General Level classes which enable a mixed group of participants to work together, and our experienced teachers will adapt material to meet the ability levels of those in the class, meaning you can work at your own pace. (Contemporary Jazz, Yoga, Zumba and Pilates.)

Can you let me know about accessibility?

The Laban Building is fully accessible, all classes are in principle open to people with disabilities. If you have any special requirements it is helpful if you discuss them with us beforehand. Please contact us on 020 8691 8600, or [email protected].

What should I wear?

It's best to wear soft comfortable clothing that is easy to move in such as tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt with extra layers for warmth. For ballet you can wear tight fitting clothing so that your teacher can check your alignment. You should expect to do all classes in bare feet, except Ballet and Zumba. For Ballet classes you should wear soft ballet shoes if they have them, but tight fitting socks would be a good alternative. We do not offer Pointe work Evening classes at Laban. For Zumba classes please wear trainers with non-marking soles. Jazz classes can be done in bare feet or jazz shoes or trainers with non-marking soles. To ensure your safety and the safety of others, we ask that that you don't wear jewellery when taking part in a class.

What equipment is provided?

Pilates and Yoga mats are available to borrow for your class at no additional charge, but you are welcome to bring your mat if you have one.

What is your policy for latecomers?

The classes run from 18.30h-20.00h and 9.30h-12.15h on Saturdays. For health and safety reasons participants who arrive later than 15 minutes after the start of the class will be permitted to watch the class but not take part. This is because they will have missed the essential warm up and introduction to the class which is vital in the prevention of injuries to participants. Trinity Laban has a duty of care to all evening class participants.

Are there performance opportunities for adults?

Yes! Each year Trinity Laban offers a Performance Project for Adults normally in the spring or summer. Performance Projects provide anyone from beginners to those with more dance experience, a chance to work with a teacher or choreographer to prepare and rehearse an original dance. The creative process normally concludes with a public performance at the end. In previous years adults have performed at Blackheath Halls with live music played by the Blackheath Halls Community Orchestra, in the Laban Theatre, in Trafalgar Square (with Wayne McGregor / Random Dance for Big Dance 2010). In 2013 adult dancers performed in the gardens for Horniman Museum's Latin Festival. Look out for exciting 2014 opportunities!

How do I get to the Laban Building?

All Adult Classes are located at the Laban Building, Creekside, London SE8 3DZF Directions to Laban Building

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