Laban Core Collections

Laban Collection

The personal papers, notation scores, photographs, drawings and books of Rudolf Laban (1879­-1958) and his associates in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, in Manchester (Manchester Dance Circle) and Addlestone, Surrey (Art of Movement Studio) in the 1940s and 1950s. This collection is the only place where some of this material is available in the UK. The collection includes oral interviews with former pupils of Rudolf Laban, as well as with Lola Rogge, Käthe Wulff, Beatrice Loeb, John Hodgson, Lisa Ullmann and many others. It covers the dates 1918­-2001.

Dance Notation Collection

A key aspect of Laban's work was the development of Labanotation, a system which records signs on paper that represent body parts moving in space and time dynamically. The Notation collection holds many original and facsimiles of notation scores, c1960 - ­2005.

Laban Centre Archive

Laban's own administrative archive, this collection documents and records the history of the organisation from 1955 to the present day. It comprises administrative files, minutes, architectural plans, photographs, videos, correspondence, publicity material, course information and financial papers, c1955-2000.

Dance Theatre Programmes

A collection of national and international dance company programmes, covering the dates 1950-1999.

Music Collection

Gramophone records of music for dance and folk dance musical scores and manuals from various donors, c1940-1969.

Dance scrapbooks from various donors, c1951-1978.

These collections can be searched on the Laban Archive Catalogue available via the Libraries page.

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