Current Ambassadors show reviews

Have a read of some show reviews which our current Young Dance Ambassadors have written as part of their Silver Arts Award.

Luma Georgis

The NME awards

4 bands. 3 friends. 2 buses. 1 hell of a night.

We edged our way to the front and got to the second row. The wait for Peace was agonising but worth it! Once they started, I was powerless; they were in control. My blood was pumping for 'Bloodshake' and I was in a daze during 'California Daze'.

Palma Violets came on next; the most anticipated. Their rock n roll vibe awakened us from the trance that Peace created. The crowd moved like a wave, violently clashing and crashing everywhere. The lead singer stage dived during Best of Friends and a frenzy of excitement was created.

This excitement continued into the next set. Miles Kane, a swarve indie icon emerged from the darkness; his crooning voice submerging the audience under his spell. During 'Inhaler' I felt like I needed my inhaler; he made me that breathless.

Django Django were the perfect act to end the night. We danced the night away, bopping to 'Hail Bop'. The visuals and electronic upbeat melodies created a feeling of euphoria; we all left Brixton Academy with an overwhelming sense of happiness. It was the perfect night.

Mati O'Neil

Trey Songz

On 1st February 2013 I saw Trey Songz perform live at Hammersmith Apollo.

The performance was incredible and it is surely I night I won't forget! When Trey was performing he involved the audience a lot to engage the audience in his performance as well, he made every person in the audience feel like they were connected with how he was feeling. He created a calm yet exciting atmosphere using the choreography and stage setting.

The performance was adrenaline filled and Trey kept the audience on their toes and screaming! The colours and effects used for his performance were very deep but mellow which reflected the slow and soothing songs that he is famous for, the choreography was also very lyrical which added to the excitement.

Trey got the audience involved and kept everyone smiling all night long, the theme of his show linked so perfectly with the songs he was singing and made it a wonderful and memorable night!

Shona Phillips

Lewisham is Live!

Diverse, cultural and youthful. A variety of Dance styles all brought together on one stage. Simply brilliant. I really enjoyed watching how energetic and free the younger children were and how technical and strong the older ones were. Lewisham Live Dance Showcase really did showcase the talent in the youth of Lewisham.

Specifically, I thought the lighting on stage was incredible as the colours of the lights really emphasised the different parts of the dances which brought more excitement to the pieces. It was also interesting how some of the groups brought different cultures into the dances, whether this was through the particular dance moves they did or literally bringing a flag of their country onto the stage!

Fortunately, the hosts kept the show flowing and kept the audience interested as the show was slightly long as there we so many groups, yet they all brought something new to the stage. Although, it would have been nice to see some unusual dance styles that we wouldn't expect, such as the tango! Overall, the show was very diverse and very successful!


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