Full-time undergraduate UK/EU students

If you are a UK or EU student, student tuition fee levels have changed significantly. This follows major changes by the government in funding for all higher education institutions in England. If you are confused by what this will mean for you personally, don't worry, we have created guidance below to explain how these changes will affect you.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire charges home/EU students tuition fees of £9,000 for all undergraduate programmes (for the first year, but may increase in line with inflation in subsequent years).

Why are we charging £9,000?

To continue offering high quality, intensive and specialist training, as well as dedicated facilities in music and dance, we need to set the annual fee level at £9,000. In addition to the fees we receive, Trinity Laban will further subsidise our students' training and education to ensure that we continue to provide the exceptional experience that Trinity Laban is known for.

The government will loan eligible students the full amount through the Student Loans Company, which will pay the fee for your course directly to Trinity Laban.

You will only begin to repay this loan once you have finished your course and are earning more than £21,000 a year (under the current system, repayments begin once you are earning more than £15,000 a year).

Watch this short film for an overview of the fee changes and effects:

There is also a written guide available.

How do student loans work?

  • You are entitled to a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees.
  • You are not expected to pay your fees up front.
  • Repayments begin once you are earning more than £21,000 a year.
  • If your salary falls below £21, 000, your repayments will stop, that is, if you take a career break or are unemployed.
  • Loan repayment time has been increased from 25 to 30 years, after which the remaining amount is written off.
  • Student loans DO NOT go on credit files.
  • Your student loan is unlikely to impact on your ability to get a mortgage.

To find out more about these benefits and whether you are eligible for a loan contact the Student Loans Company.

How much will I have to repay per month once my income is more than £21,000 a year?

You will have to contribute 9% of any income you earn above the £21,000 per year threshold towards the repayment of your loan.

This would mean, for example, that if you earned £25,000 a year, your loan repayments would be based upon the £4,000 you earned above the £21,000 theshold. Repayments in this case would equate to around £30 per month.

How can I calculate my loan repayments?

Get an estimate of what your loan repayments would be and for how long using the DirectGov loan repayment calculator.

Is financial support available?

The support you may be eligible for depends on your individual circumstances, as well as the type of course you are on.

  • To benefit from financial support this must be your first (undergraduate) degree and you must be a UK/EU national.
  • Funds from the National Scholarship Programme will be available to provide support to students from lower-income backgrounds. However, it has recently been announced the this programme will cease as an undergraduate programme from 2015-16.
  • If your household income is less than £25,000 per year, you may receive an annual government grant of up to £3,250 to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel. If you are eligible, you won't have to pay this money back.
  • Loans for living costs will be available for eligible full-time students.

Financial support from Trinity Laban

Trinity Laban will continue to offer financial support to students through schemes such as scholarships, bursaries and other types of support to enable all students wishing to study here, regardless of financial circumstances, to access their course.

Institutions like ours that wish to charge fees of more than £6,000 per year, have satisfied the government that they are offering a package of support to help students from poorer-income groups who want to enter higher education.  Further details will be announced in the coming months.

Trinity Laban Access Agreement

Higher Education Institutions wishing to charge tuition fees of more than £6,000 per year have had to commit to an Access Agreement negotiated with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) which sets out measures they will take to promote access to higher education for students from a wide range of social backgrounds. See Trinity Laban's Access Agreement.

More Information

More information from the government about possible financial support and the benefits of higher education:

Contact us if you have any further queries.

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