International students: Culture shock

If you experience any difficulty in adjusting to the different culture when you arrive in the UK, remember that we are here to help. Cultural adjustment is often called 'culture shock'. Prepare yourself before you leave your country by reading all of the information that is given to you and organising your trip. This may help you to avoid unneccessary stress when you get to the UK. Read on for more information on culture shock and how to overcome it.

Recognising culture shock

Being away from familiar faces and places, getting used to new people and customs, unfamiliar food and weather and different methods of study can make you feel lonely and anxious. Symptoms of culture shock include feeling homesick, worry and lack of concentration. You may also find yourself liable to overreact emotionally. This in itself can add to your anxiety, but it's important to remember that this is just a temporary phase and is also a perfectly normal reaction.

If you start to feel like this:

  • Keep in touch with your family at home and ask them to send you news about home
  • Talk to other international students - find out about their cultures and feelings about their new environment
  • Find Student Services and the Student Union - we're good listeners
  • Attend events and activities and induction programmes
  • Develop a routine
  • Do some of the activities that you enjoy back home even if it's in a different way

For more information on culture shock:

You Tube: Culture shock? Me?

Adapting to a new life




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