International Students: Differences in study

Teaching and learning in the UK may be very different to what you are used to. Read on to find out what to expect.

In the classroom

  • Be prepared to take an active part in practical sessions
  • Your teachers will expect you to ask questions in class if you want to
  • It will not cause offence if you wish to express a different viewpoint
  • Notetaking is encouraged

This approach may be difficult at first but with your teacher's help you will become more confident.

Independent learning

  • UK education systems encourage students to work independently from a range of sources
  • The aim is not for you to be told the 'correct' answers but to understand different arguments and make your own judgements
  • You should develop the ability to analyse critically and draw your own conclusions

We recognise that teaching and learning methods in the UK may be very different to what you are used to and will make every effort to help you to adjust.


For most modules you will be given a reading list. Items on a reading list may contain:

  • essential, useful and basic reading or reference material for the course
  • an overview of the subject
  • background information
  • useful information for a specific topic or piece of work

You will not be expected to buy or even read every book or journal on the list. Most of them will be available in the libraries at Trinity Laban.

IT technology

IT technology will play a large part in your learning environment, both in and outside the classroom. If you are faced with equipment or systems that you don't understand, ask for help.


Plagiarism means presenting someone else's work as your own. If you present the words or ideas of an author or other student, without acknowledging the source, you could be accused of plagiarism which can have severe penalties.

Whenever you use a quotation from a book or reproduce an author's ideas (even in your own words), you must indicate the source. This process is known as referencing. You may find the accepted ways of quoting and referencing work in the UK are different from those you are used to. You will receive instructions on referencing when you start your course.

Attendance and punctuality

  • You must attend classes and arrive on time
  • You must tell your teachers if you intend to miss class

TL offers academic study support if needed. More information will be given to you when you arrive.



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