Junior Trinity has a long and well-known tradition of creative musicianship training which gives students greater confidence in their approach to composing, listening and performing.

The philosophy underlying the classes is very much in parallel with the emphasis on composing skills in GCSE, AS and A-Level courses, and a wide range of music is explored.

Aural skills and a general musical vocabulary are developed through singing, playing and written dictation. Students learn to extemporise and improvise as soloists and in groups, and to compose for members of the class. A historical awareness is developed through musical examples and project work.

Students' compositions are frequently performed in lunchtime concerts and at public events including external workshops run by professional orchestras and contemporary music organisations.

Classes tend to be fairly small (approximately 8-10 students) and students of similar age are grouped together.

General musicianship is an important element in the Junior Trinity timetable and students find that it enhances all aspects of their musical training.

Talking about Musicianship:

"There is a different energy at Junior Trinity. I would wake up at 6.30 a.m. and leave Trinity at 6.00pm and never be tired. You just run on this weird musical 'high'. There are the most inspiring teachers, great facilities and a nurturing and supporting atmosphere. All the musicianship classes and the Music Discussion Forum are invaluable"

Olivia Jageurs, former Junior Trinity harp student and prize-winner in the EPTA Composers Competition.  She went on to study at Manchester University and the Royal Academy of Music. Olivia is working as a freelance harpist in London.

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