Online resources

All resources can be found through the library catalogue.  If you are trying to access any electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals, electronic databases on-site (apart from those available through City University) you will be able to do this without having to input a username and password. Students will need to input their TL username and password to access electronic resources off-site/at home. The catalogue entry gives detailed information on accessing resources.

The section below gives information on some of our most popular electronic resources.


available on-site, and off-site via student/staff username and password

Indexes periodical articles, books, essays, conference proceedings, research papers etc  in the fields of sports medicine, biomechanics, psychology, training, coaching, physical education and other sport and fitness related topics. Includes over 1.2m records indexed since 1975, including 20,000 theses and 10,000 websites. Also includes full text coverage of over 440 sources, including c. 230 academic journals

International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance (IBTD)

available on-site, and off-site via student/staff username and password

A fully indexed, cross-referenced and annotated database, available on or off campus for Trinity Laban students. IBTD indexes recent years of 16 of Laban's  print journals and offers full text content of some journals and e-books, including : Dance Chronicle, Dance Teacher, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, Journal of Dance Education, PAJ : A Journal of Performance and Art, TDR: The Drama Review.


available via City University barcode/pin

Full text archival database: includes core research and society published journals in economics, history,political acience, sociology and music + key fields in the humanities, arts and social sciences.


available on-site, and off-site via student/staff username and password 

A growing number of e-books are available to TL staff and students via the platform, on and off-site. To access these items, go to the site, select the institutional login and enter your TL username and password.  If on the other hand you're searching through the library catalogue, if an online version of a book is available, this will be clearly indicated on the catalogue record.
A number of e-books can also be accessed via the IBTD database.


We have a wide range of journal titles available in hard copy and an increasing number of electronic journals, including: Choreographic Practices, Contact Quarterly, Dance Magazine, Dance Research Journal, Dancing Times, JOPERD, Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Performance Research and Research in Dance Education.
For a full breakdown of dance e-journals and how to access them, students can look at the "Where to access full text Dance-related E-Journals" on Moodle.

Laban Library & Archive's Bookmarks

Our access point to a number of internet resources which are relevant both to students and staff at Trinity Laban.  It can be accessed via the blue link on the bottom left of the library catalogue  homepage from anywhere with Internet access.
We use a social bookmarking service called Delicious to save and display a wide range of web resources such as links to dance and arts agencies and associations, other dance libraries and archives, journal tables of contents services, on-line publications, research catalogues, videos etc.
Visit our "Guide to Laban Library and Archive bookmarks" on Moodle to find out more about using Laban Library and Archive's Bookmarks including setting up your own account.


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