Alumni make waves at Resolution

Alumni make waves at Resolution


In 2016 The Place’s annual dance festival, Resolution, features a number of Trinity Laban alumni.

Resolution kicks off each year with a celebration of new talent. The 2016 edition, commencing on 8 January, showcases three new pieces a night throughout much of January and February. Now in its 27th year, Resolution demonstrates the best of emerging dance artists, breaking conventions and broadening the horizons of contemporary dance. Previous participants include Trinity Laban alumnus Luca Silvestrini, who co-founded the hugely successful Protein Dance.

Among the Resolution 2016 line-up is Jack Philp Company, which presents Psychoacoustic, a meeting of dance and science that explores what happens when we hear. Jack graduated from Trinity Laban in 2015, and his dancers include fellow alumni Gaia Cicolani, Clémentine Télesfort, and Linda Telek.

In anticipation of the performance, Jack comments: “It’s been hugely exciting to get involved with a vibrant festival and work with my team to create a new piece to take into 2016.

“During my studies at Trinity Laban, I had choreographic work programmed every year at showcases. It was a great opportunity to develop my thinking, my experience and my understanding of the necessities to then tackle a platform like Resolution. Trinity Laban also supported my company with our very first period of research and development, and for that I’m incredibly grateful and would like to thank them for their continued support; both as a student and a graduate.”

Backspace Collective takes to the stage later in the month, featuring alumni Hannah Parsons and Lorea Burge in Unbaptised Infants, "a collaboration between two people stuck in a state of transition, condemned to limbo, beginning a quest for happiness". In addition, two of the collective’s co-founders, Rachel Blomberg and Maria Lothe, appear in their own duet, (DI)VISION.

On her experience at Trinity Laban, Maria tells us: “During my studies, I developed my tools of how to make, move, reflect and question, something I aim to intertwine in my artistic practice.

“The duet (DI)VISION was ‘born’ at Trinity Laban. It explores individuality in relation to external influences through stream of consciousness and cardboard boxes. My tutors supported my own personal approach to making and performance, which has given me a drive to continue.”

Other alumni to feature in the festival include Arts Council funding recipient Yukiko Masui, and Jayne Port, both of whom return after praised performances at Resolution 2015. Foskett-Piccolo Dance Company performs Woven, featuring live music and moments of music-dance improvisation, and Thea Stanton presents her Spun Through Shadows Collective. Thea cites Trinity Laban as pivotal in developing her interest in the relationship between music and dance, describing her piece, Spun Through Shadows, as "a work for two dancers, string quartet and live electronics, built around the idea of cross-arts collaboration."

She adds: "Having been to Trinity Laban, a conservatoire specialising in both music and movement, working with musicians or indeed any other art form has become central to my practice." 

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