Bim brings dance to bus stops

Bim Malcomson

Trinity Laban alumnus Bim Malcomson is bringing dance to bus stops all over London as part of Big Dance 2016 and Greenwich Dances: Moving Woolwich.

For this unique project, Bim, who has taught at Trinity Laban and been involved with its Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme, will choreograph eight dancers over the age of 60 to dance at five London-based bus stops throughout June and July.

Commenting on the project, entitled 60+ Stops, Bim tells us:

‘What inspired me to embark on this project was seeing two old ladies in Northern Spain at a bus stop, sitting on a bench swinging their legs like children. I looked at them and they looked at me and waved, and I was filled with such joy! I instantly thought that I wanted to fill London with older people dancing in bus stops, so the whole city could feel like I did!

‘It has always been my intention that this project would grow to feature 100 performers starting at different points in London, all travelling to a central location - Waterloo station for example - and performing along the way on their bus route. The piece would then culminate with all 100 performers doing a mass movement work together.’

Bim is currently Associate Education Consultant at the Royal Ballet. She graduated from Trinity Laban’s BA (Hons) Dance Theatre in 1999, and says of her experience:

‘My experience was 'immersion'! I ate, slept, drank and lived Trinity Laban! My degree gave a wide, solid foundation in choreography, history, notation, sociology and more. It was a fantastic springboard to go in many directions in the dance world.’

60+ Stops is choreographed with support from Arts Council England, The Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban Partnership, and Big Dance. To find out more, visit Bim’s website.

Banner image: Brian Slater / The Royal Ballet School