Blackheath Halls Freehold Acquired

Frank Smith, Chairman of the BPT, said: "The aim of the BPT throughout its 70 years has been to secure the future of the historic buildings which contribute so much to the character of Blackheath, until each property's future can be secured by transfer to an owner who shares the same aims and objectives. Trinity Laban has demonstrated its commitment to the Halls not only through its extensive financial support to the Halls' operating company since 2003, but also through its support of the community, educational and artistic activities at the Halls and its programme for the restoration and improvement of the building itself. I have every confidence that, in transferring the freehold now, our strategic aims will be met and the future of the Halls as a performance venue will be enhanced for the benefit of the immediate and the wider community."

Anthony Bowne, Joint Principal of Trinity Laban - formed in 2005 through the merger of Trinity College of Music and contemporary dance centre Laban - said: "At Trinity Laban we aim to advance our art forms by bringing together artists to train, collaborate and research in inspiring creative, intellectual and physical spaces. Our vision is to ensure the highest standards of excellence in both training and performance whilst contributing to, and learning from, our local communities. The transfer of the freehold will help us develop the Halls as a sustainable centre for the performing arts, as well as a much valued asset for both the local community and Trinity Laban. We look forward to working with the Friends of Blackheath Halls and other members of the community to ensure that the building's impressive architectural features are preserved, and that a vibrant and sustainable artistic programme continues to be cultivated at the Halls."

Mike Hildesley, Chairman of Blackheath Halls and a Governor of Trinity Laban, said:
"We are extremely grateful to BPT for its essential part in rescuing the Halls as a historic building, starting with its purchase of the building in 1979. I would also like to thank them for all the support - both financial and in so many other ways - BPT has given to the Halls over the past 30 years and indeed for all the work it has done over more than 70 years to preserve the character of Blackheath. Since 2003, when Trinity College of Music took over the charity which operates the Halls, much work has been done, with the support of the local community, to repair and maintain the fabric, as well as to stabilise the financial position of the Halls. We now look forward with confidence to the next phase of regenerating the Halls as a centre for the performing arts to which the whole community can contribute and of which they can be proud."

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