Dance alumni feature in Brighton arts festivals


Trinity Laban dance alumni feature at Brighton’s premier arts festivals this month.

Dance alumnus Cathy Waller (BA 2010) takes her company, the Cathy Waller Company, to the Brighton Festival 2-3 May 2015 to perform Louder than Words, a piece co-commissioned by the festival.

Janine Harrington (BA 2006) also presents her work The Performing Book which includes a whole host of Trinity Laban alumni, including Lena Kimming (BA 2006, MA Creative Practice 2012), Alice Mackenzie (BA 2007), Vanessa Abreu (BA 2006, MA 2007), Stella Papi (BA 2012), Luke Birch (BA 2008), Elisa Vassena (BA 2012) and Christopher Hutchings (MA Choreography 2010).

From 14-15 May 2015, Swallowsfeet will perform a collection of vibrant dance the Brighton Fringe. Swallowsfeet is a collective made almost exclusively of Trinity Laban alumni including Sam Kennedy (BA 2013), Gordon Raeburn (BA 2013, MA Dance Performance 2014), Rosa Firbank (BA 2014), Jessica Miller (BA 2013), Jessica Lea Haener (BA 2013), Harriet Parker-Beldau (BA 2013) and Sivan Rubinstein (BA 2013).

Picture - The Bridge (Janine Harrington). Dancers: Alice Mackenzie and Iris Chan. Picture credit - Mike Harwood.


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