Government repeals National Insurance regulations for self-employed musicians

The ABO announced this month that the government has decided to repeal the current National Insurance regulations in respect of entertainers. From 6 April 2014, those individuals engaged as an actor, singer, or musician, or in any similar performing capacity will pay Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance as self-employed earners.

The ABO said there was a 99% response in favour of the proposed repeal, with over 7600 responses from musicians.

Trinity Laban Chairman Lord Lipsey commented:

"The All Party Classical Music Group, which I chair, lobbied David Gauke and Ed Vaizey, the responsible ministers, on this issue of National Insurance in the interests of musicians everywhere, including those at Trinity Laban.

"Credit where credit is due, they have done us proud. Musicians can sleep easier in their beds as a result."

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