Helping dancers meet the physical demands of contemporary dance


A Trinity Laban team led an informative and well received seminar on the work of their world leading Dance Science Department at the Dance UK conference held on Saturday 11 April 2015.

Trinity Laban’s Head of Dance Science, Dr Emma Redding, explained the aims of the dance science team – how looking at physiological needs of dancers informs training and preparation and better prepares dancers for the demands that choreography places on the body.

Dancer Jessica Wright demonstrated the gas analyser, which shows the team the correlations between certain aspects of dance movement and the physiological effects on the body.

Edel Quin, MSc Dance Science  Programme Leader, asked what can be learnt from measuring dance in this way and said there is a clear need for the dance community to be more aware of what they are preparing dancers for.

Read the full article by Lara Hayward at London Dance.

Pictured – James Pett and Jessica Wright are dancers with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance with whom Trinity Laban works in partnership on a variety of projects.

Photo credit – Chris Nash.