PARALLAX 02: Body Material

Parallax 02

18 and 19 September 2012, 11.00-17.00, Faculty of Dance at Laban Building, Creekside

Rachel Cherry, Jaimie Henthorn, Virginie Litzler

Three visual artists with a shared interest in exploring the sculptural elements of the moving body through visual art practice come together to explore the relationship between the body, the photograph or video and the architecture of Herzog and de Meuron's Laban building. Their collaboration began one year ago when they enrolled in the Research Degree Programme (MPhil and PhD) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

'Body Material' presents works that challenge the body and its representation by occupying and relating to the physical structure of the Laban building at varying depths. The viewer is invited to wander throughout the Building to encounter the works presented without the encumbrance of a sequential string. Each proposition shares an individual relationship to the Building, independent yet also in dialogue with the other exhibited works. 'Body Material' is not about contriving linkages but exploring methods of resonance through physicality:  the body, the architecture and the viewer.

RACHEL CHERRY is a photographer and visual artist who uses the photographic image as a choreographic tool. The interaction between the spectator and the image informs her research at Trinity Laban. Rachel graduated from Laban in 2003 with a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre and studied photography at London College of Communication. She has worked as a photographer with Akram Khan Company, Siobhan Davies Dance, Time Out and the Southbank Centre. In 2011, Rachel createdFracturedin collaboration with Jean Abreu. The National Lottery through Arts Council England supported the project.

JAIMIE HENTHORN is an artist whose work uses photography, performance and video to investigate the kinetic human structure in relation to architectural structure. Currently a PhD candidate at Trinity Laban Conservatoire (Jonathan Clark and Gavin Morrison), she received her MFA from theArt, Space, Natureprogramme at the Edinburgh College of Art. She has exhibited and performed primarily in the UK and US and been hosted as an artist in residence in Mexico, Belize, Japan, New Mexico, Chicago and the Orkney Islands.

VIRGINIE LITZLER is a French artist currently working and living in London. She received an MFA from the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts of Lyon (France) and a Masters in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London. She has since exhibited internationally and has taught as a Fine Art visiting lecturer and a part-time Photography lecturer at various institutions. Her PhD research at Trinity Laban Conservatoire further anchor both her practice and lecturing, presenting new challenges regarding movement and gesture.

The artist's would like to thank Jonathan Clark, Head of Research at Trinity Laban, Presentperfect and Trinity Laban for their support.

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