Post REF – could you help us define the future of music and dance?


Dr Jonathan Clark, Head of Research at Trinity Laban, talks about the REF results and the next five years:

"A Trinity Laban Governor asked me for a soundbite about our research and I said: “We’re the Swansea City of REF!”.  Football and research don’t often get mentioned in the same breath but for me the analogy really resonates. As a diehard Swansea fan, I’m happy to see them back in the middle of the premier league table. As the Head of Research, it says to me that our research team might be mid table in REF terms but we are batting above our weight overall.

"This was our first foray into the REF world and it was an excellent result for us. It means that our research is making a huge impact around the world – influencing performers, educators and policy makers."

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