Random and Trinity Laban continue valuable research work

An expert seminar on the creative process in dance marked the one year anniversary in October 2012 of a research partnership between Wayne McGregor/Random Dance and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

The partnership is developing a joint dance science research project to study the creative process in dance, and several experimental pilot studies at Trinity Laban have already been conducted.

The seminar, "Imagery and creativity in performing arts" drew on approaches in clinical psychology, sports psychology, cognitive and neuroscience; and aimed to find synergies across imagery and creativity, particularly in the context of dance-making.

Experts in the field - Professor Emily Holmes (Oxford University), Dr Nichola Callow (Bangor University) and Professor Sophie Scott (University College London) - each gave presentations, augmented by round table discussions and a final plenary.

The discussions will be the basis of a fruitful research exchange between the two partners and the dance community at large.

Pictured - Professor Sophie Scott (credit - Paul Hampartsoumian)

Sophie _Scott _resize

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