Research team shares contemporary practice and research expertise at Venice conference

Jonathan Clark

Two of Trinity Laban’s leading research professors will share their expertise as both performers and researchers at a conference about Contemporary Practice in Music and Dance in Italy from 8-11 July 2015. 

Dr Jonathan Owen Clark, Head of Research and Professor John Irving, Professor of Historical Performance, will be appearing at Music-Dance: Sound and Motion in Contemporary Discourse and Practice at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Istituto per la Musica in Venice, as part of the Institute of Music’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

The conference’s central issues include the identity of the choreomusical work, its complex authorship and the concept of embodiment. Scholars of dance and music will produce multiple dialogues, attempting to analyse not only the ways in which the musical score changes its prescriptive status when becoming part of a choreomusical project, but also the encounter between sound and motion on stage, the construction of a sensorial stratification, and the intersection of listening and sight in the act of reception. Dr Clark will be involved as a discussant in the conference seminars, while Professor Irving will present a concert of four sonatas by Joseph Haydn on an 1823 Matthias Jakesch Fortepiano.

Dr Clark says: “As an institution with joint responsibility for education in both music and dance, Trinity Laban is in a unique position internationally to comment on its experience of interdisciplinary practice, and to present important research and scholarship to a worldwide audience.”

Dr Clark has specialisms in a number of key areas related to music and dance including aesthetics, musicology, dance studies and inter-arts collaborative practice. Professor John Irving is an internationally-recognised Mozart scholar and specialist in 18th century keyboard instruments and repertoire. He pursues a dual career as an early keyboard performer and academic.