The Chapter House makes a welcome return

The Chapter House

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, Zoi Dimitriou’s The Chapter House makes a welcome return to the Laban Theatre.

The Chapter House is a dance-digital collaboration, combining innovative technology with reflective choreography. As discussed in her interview with Trinity Laban, in this performance Zoi considers the process of making and re-making, and questions how to document dance, looking back at her previous work and unpicking it from new angles.

Now in its third performance, The Chapter House has expanded upon its pioneering concept since its debut in 2014. Merging her movement with film footage, Zoi collaborates with creator of award-winning software Isadora, Mark Coniglio. This digital feature allows the movement to be seen from various perspectives, making each performance thrillingly different.

Zoi completed an MA in European Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban. Since launching her choreographic career in 2006, she has won numerous awards, including the Robin Howard Foundation Award in 2008, and the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Award in 2009. In addition to continuing her choreographic development, she currently lectures at various institutions across Europe, including Trinity Laban.

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