Trinity Laban Alumni collaborate with jewellery artist

FlockOmania by Zoe Robertson

Award-winning British jewellery artist Zoe Robertson has recently collaborated with three Trinity Laban alumni on two different projects. For her exhibition flockOmania, shown at the Lanchester Gallery in Coventry, Robertson worked with dancers Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris and in red, she joined forces with Canadian-based musician Zoë Robertson, a recent graduate. 

Robertson’s studio practice explores the notion of jewellery and performance, in which the relationship between the object, the body and space is explored. The resulting jewellery is theatrical in scale with a monochromatic colour palette to emphasise form and explore themes relating to body scale, body extensions, body space, body movement, and dual wearability.

Robertson said: “flockOmania was an exciting adventure enriched by the energy and expertise of Dr Natalie Garret Brown and Amy Voris. Their background in contemporary dance and site based performance provided the catalyst for this body of work, in response to a continued dialogue and observation of their practice”. The exhibition finale featured a performance which was recorded.

The transatlantic collaboration between the two Zoe Robertsons was started by an email and led to the creation of their project entitled red. The jewellery pieces each created a different percussive sound and were worn whilst musician Zoe played the violin. The resulting work was shown in a video exhibited at the JQ Festival 2015, and featuring Vancouver-based percussive dancer Dayna Szyndrowski.

Professional creative relationships such as these emphasise the ambition of Trinity Laban graduates to seek out new and exploratory projects with artists in all fields, and demonstrate that a culture of collaboration is at the heart of those graduating from the institution. Through projects and events such as CoLab, and the recent performance of music and dance students in Connect It at the BBC Proms, students learn to work and experiment with the ever-expanding boundaries of what defines art and performance.

To see further work by Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris visit enter and inhabit and skirting.

flockOmania photograph by Christian Kipp.