Trinity Laban leading benefactors receive Prince of Wales Arts Philanthropy Medal

Trinity Laban leading benefactors receive Prince of Wales Arts Philanthropy Medal

Philip and Christine Carne, leading supporters of Trinity Laban for many years, have today been honoured with The Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy. The medal celebrates those who support the arts in its widest forms and was presented by HRH The Prince of Wales at St James's Palace in London.

Philip and Christine created the Richard Carne Trust in 2006 to support talented young people studying drama or music. There are more than 100 Richard Carne scholars so far - including those at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where the Trust supports the Richard Carne Junior Fellowships for String Quartet and for Individuals.

Philip said: "People say 'Isn't it noble what you are doing, and well, it may be so. But it's also intensely rewarding. My wife and I have the most wonderful time seeing these young people grow and flourish. They are like an extended family to us."

Professor Anthony Bowne, Principal of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, said:

"We are enormously fortunate to have the support and commitment of Philip and Christine. They are philanthropists of passion and determination, who devote time and energy to making a difference where it matters. For Trinity Laban, they have transformed our Junior Fellowships in string quartet, supporting young professional artists at the earliest stage of their careers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"We have been able to run string quartet festivals, recruit the highest calibre of world class string quartets to mentor our students, and they have supported individual students and young artists. Philip and Chris have become valued friends, with whom we can share the joys and challenges of our conservatoire world, and who help to shape our future."

Joanna Lumley, who was present at the ceremony, said: "It is sometimes easy to overlook the stupendous support private philanthropists give to artistic organisations in this country. People may say: They are rich, they can afford to give lots of money. But I have lived a long time, and it seems to me that people either are givers or watchers: and all those named today are givers of the finest kind. The amazing difference these generous people make is something to be celebrated, applauded and recognised with gratitude."

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The other honourees for The Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy 2013 are Lady Bernstein, Ms Delfina Entrecanales, Lady Rothschild & Lord Rothschild and Ian and Mercedes Stoutzker.

Picture - (Left to right) Philip and Christine Carne, Lord Rothschild, Ms Delfina Entrecanales, Joanna Lumley, HRH The Prince of Wales, Ian and Mercedes Stoutzker, Lady Bernstein, and Philip Spedding

Photo: Paul Burns. Courtesy: Arts & Business



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