Trinity Laban releases new research on pulling down barriers for talented disabled dancers

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Trinity Laban's Dance Science Department has released the findings of a new research project entitled 'Changing Perceptions', to identify the barriers facing young talented dancers with disabilities.

Commissioned by Dance4 and supported by the Department for Education, this new research makes recommendations for enhancing future practice in the identification of talented inclusive dancers.

Dance4 commissioned the research because it was particularly interested in exploring how young disabled dancers could access training such as CAT. The Dance Science team thoroughly scoped the current provision and progression routes for young disabled dancers across England, and made a number of findings.

The report found that the visibility of disability dance in the UK and the range of opportunities that exist for dancers with disabilities need to be increased.

It goes on to say: "However we also need to undertake further research into how best to identify and train young dancers with disabilities, …and develop our teachers' skills and knowledge so that effective, supportive learning environments exist.

"Dance training organisations, gifted and talent programmes and professional dance companies must take responsibility to address accessibility issues and we need to work collaboratively to create robust and long-lasting links between dance training organisations and professional companies nationally."

Dance4 is an internationally recognised, experimental dance organisation with a strong regional programme and a unique voice in the UK dance sector. Dance4 supports international and UK artists who are interested in the development of dance.

Download the reports (pdf)


Picture - credit Hugo Glendinning

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