Trinity Laban student at the Royal Albert Hall

Will Harvey

Will Harvey is a violinist, violist, composer and arranger who is currently studying for a MMus at Trinity Laban. After successfully setting up a session group called Parallax Orchestra, Harvey has found himself collaborating with and arranging music for a number of artists – including British metal band Bring Me The Horizon, who recently played the Royal Albert Hall.

Harvey tells us how he went from working with the band on tour, to the one-off concert:

“I was preparing the arrangements for the tour. The other arranger, Simon Dobson, and I we were both happy with our versions of the arrangements but the band’s Musical Director (MD) insisted on going through the scores. There was no opportunity for us to meet with the band in London. It turned out the only way we could go over the music was to jump on a tour bus to Brussels! I ended up staying on the bus for a week.

Bring the Horizon got booked to play the show at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the series for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and the band asked me to arrange an orchestra for it back in September. They told me what their budget was and asked if it was possible. At the time I said ‘probably not, but I’d quite like to do it’. In the end we cooked up a plan and managed to find a way around it, and now it’s going ahead.”

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