Zoi Dimitriou presents digital dance collaboration

The Chapter House

Trinity Laban dance lecturer Zoi Dimitriou brings a reworking of her digital collaboration The Chapter House to the Laban Theatre on 26 November.

The Chapter House is a collaboration between choreographer Zoi, and media artist Mark Coniglio. In the piece, Zoi explores what it means to make, remake and remember visual performance. It features extracts from five of her past choreographies, rediscovered from new angles with live camerawork.

The Chapter House is an autobiographical work, but it is also about how we document or archive performance,’ Zoi explains. ‘Dance is such an ephemeral form of art – you don’t have a hard copy of it. So, the process became a way for me to leave a trace of my bodily memory, which in turn became a piece in itself.

‘The uniqueness of The Chapter House is that it shows how perceptions of performance can change, be transformed, and acquire different meaning.’

Zoi completed an MA in European Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban. Since launching her choreographic career in 2006, she has won numerous awards, including the Robin Howard Foundation Award in 2008, and the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Award in 2009. In addition to continuing her choreographic development, she currently lectures at various institutions across Europe, including Trinity Laban.

Zoi’s collaborator Mark is co-founder of pioneering performance company Troika Ranch, specialising in contemporary art which challenges connections between dance and technology. For this 2015 reworking, Zoi will be filmed live by video artist and University of Winchester lecturer David McCormick.

To find out more about on The Chapter House read our interview with Zoi and to book tickets, visit the Trinity Laban website.