Course Content

Here you will find a course content summary for the CAT programme including details on workshops, studies, health and technique.

Dance Technique and Performing Skills

Students will undertake classes in contemporary dance and ballet supported by other complementary dance forms in order to develop:

• Physical strength, flexibility, agility, co-ordination and efficiency of movement
• Correct posture, placement and alignment
• Spatial awareness, body line and design
• Articulation and clarity of movement
• Movement constituents of the movement vocabularies of the styles studied
• Projection / focus; clarity of intention; appropriate use of dynamics
• Sensitivity to musical phrasing and dynamics
• Use of different movement qualities
• Ability to respond / be present in the moment of presentation
• Ability to utilise and retain feedback
• Use of energy and sense of whole body engagement

Dance Fitness and Health

The aim of the Performance Enhancement (PEn) sessions is to support technical and creative training. The content focuses more on general physical functioning and less on particular dance styles or techniques. The approach is supported by current Dance Science research and knowledge.

Within the PEn sessions the following areas will be worked on:

• Stamina and fitness levels
• Muscular strength and conditioning
• Alignment and control
• Body and anatomical awareness

The PEn sessions will also provide and explain best practice strategies such as:

• Warm-up and cool-down
• Effective stretching
• Positive mental attitude
• Nutrition and hydration for energy giving purposes
• Use of psychological skills such as imagery, to support physical training

Creative Workshops and Choreography

Students will have regular creative workshops and experience with professional choreographers. Students will be encouraged to be imaginative, innovative and take creative risks through:

• Exploring dance ideas/concepts in response to a variety of stimuli e.g. kinaesthetic, literary, visual, auditory, contemporary issues, repertoire, styles and traditions
• Selecting, structuring, and refining movement material
• Developing initial movement ideas into final choreographic form through selecting and developing action, dynamic, rhythmic and spatial content
• Using choreographic devices, e.g. motif, variation and development, chance, unison, canon, climax
• Forming the overall shape of the dance
• Structuring appropriate relationships between content and form in the expression of a dance idea
• Considering the relationship of dance and music
• Communicating artistic intention and the expression of dance ideas/concepts
• Reflecting and evaluating throughout the choreographic process

Performance Opportunities

In order to develop the student's practical experience of performing, there will be regular performance opportunities in a variety of settings and to different audiences, including:

• Termly informal sharing's of work for family and friends
• Contributing to the Youth and Community Dance Platforms
• Performances in Laban's Bonnie Bird Theatre
• Performing in theatres in and out of London

Complementary Studies

In order to support the dance curriculum, and ensure that each individual encounters a range of artistic and creative opportunities and is prepared for progression into further training, the following will be included either as part of the Saturday programme or in the additional study days or intensive courses:

• Practical workshops in a range of dance/movement genres e.g. African, South Asian, Hip Hop, Capoeira
• Visits to see professional dance work in a range of genres and a variety of cultural experiences available in London including theatre performances and art exhibitions
• Collaborative music and dance projects with Junior Trinity
• Careers information and advice


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