Foundations For Excellence

As Music and Dance Scheme partners the Foundations For Excellence is committed to promoting health and wellbeing and preventing injury and illness in talented young dancers and musicians.

Foundations for Excellence exists to share research, resources and best practice for the support and development of talented young musicians, singers and dancers. This is currently achieved through the online resource hub, the commission of new information sheets on a variety of specific topics and the biennial conference.

Foundations for Excellence Mission Statement, July 2011

Visit the Foundations For Excellence website.

The following links have been designed by the Foundations For Excellence as a first stop shop to link you to resources (mostly in the form of free downloads) published by a range of specialist organisations and also to information sheets they've specially commissioned.

Disclaimer: we hope you'll find the material we signpost you to of help, however we cannot be held responsible for any harm, however caused, which results from using that material.

Exercise and Fitness   
General exercise and fitness and advice on some specific circumstances  

Heathy Eating    
Healthy eating, nutrition and eating disorders  

Musculoskeletal Matters    
Preventing and treating injury or disorder of the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels or related soft tissues  

Preparation for Performance
Dealing with performance anxiety, developing motivation and self esteem and making the best of yourself, physically and mentally   

Specialist Organisations  
Specialist organisations which provide a range of resources to support health and wellbeing in dancers and musicians

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