Capoeira workshops

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art. The workshop will develop basic movements, fundamentals, philosophy and acrobatics of the game of Capoeira. Attention will be paid to different aspects of this Brazilian folk art: music, traditional and contemporary forms, sequences and game structures. Body expression, physical training, development and fun are fused in this exciting sport: 'a 21st century, zero gravity martial art.' Movements such as cartwheels, kicks, a moving base 'ginga', and low floor based attacks and defences form the vocabulary for 2 players to improvise and compete with, yet in a friendly and supportive environment. The games are played to a musical rhythm created by the other players, and songs give deeper understanding and energy, tapping into the ritual and traditions of Capoeira.

Taught by Will Thorburn

Will Thorburn is a freelance dance artist and Capoeira teacher under the guidance of Mestre Gato from Rio de Janeiro.

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