The Franklin Method® Teacher Training Course

World renowned author and Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer, Franklin Method Teacher Trainer, will teach a three week intensive course in 2011 at Trinity Laban.

Course Dates
Monday 14 Feb - 20 Feb 2011
Monday 11 April - 17 April 2011
Monday 4 July - 10 July 2011

The Franklin Method
The specialty of the Franklin method is the use of imagery. Imagery has a wide spectrum of application and has been proven in conjunction with physical practice to be the fastest avenue to affect change on a cortical level; which translates into how the nervous-system and body interact to produce movement. To use imagery successfully most athletes, dancers and teachers need training based on how exactly imagery works. It can be used systematically to aid performance, reduce anxiety, increase confidence, enhance endurance, and speed recovery from injury or heavy exercise.

The Teacher Training Course at Trinity Laban
The Teacher Training Level 1 Course is open to movement practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, from dancers and performers to physical therapists, providing valuable tools to improve overall fitness, body usage and performance enhancement. Upon completion of the three week intensives, participants will be Level 1 Franklin Educators, with the know-how to teach key workshops in Franklin Method: Imagery for Alignment and Flexibility, Pelvic Power for Core Support, Imagery for a Healthy Spine, and Liberate Your Shoulders, Release Your Neck

Participants will
• Learn the practical fundamentals of body design and how to efficiently integrate imagery into movement.
• Learn how the body is designed to function based on the science of movement, bio-mechanical principles and evolutionary history
• Combine scientific and anatomical analysis with somatics, movement and imagery exercises
• Gain hands-on exercises, conditioning routines and understand mind/body relationships
• Consider how to use the Franklin Method in their own teaching and practice

Please see the right hand buttons at the top of the page for more information on fees and applications. Online booking is unavailable at present so please note bookings can only be made via post or phone.  


Liz Atkin
T 0208 305 9365
E [email protected]

Vicci Moore
T 020 8305 9477
E [email protected]

A typical day will include a warm-up in the morning followed by the experiential anatomy topic, constructive rest after lunch and the day ends with conditioning and movement, where the topic of the day is integrated. Learning in the Franklin Method is centered on embodiment; the student experiencing the material in their own bodies. It also includes movement, release techniques and constructive rest. The Franklin Method cultivates awareness of the body's different aspects and their interrelationships. The aim is to stimulate a healthy balance and optimal life expression.

Limited places available, early booking is advised.

Please complete the application form below in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to LABAN, CREEKSIDE, LONDON, UK, SE8 3DZ with payment. Alternatively you can call Liz Atkin on 0208 469 9465 to pay over the phone using a credit/debit card.

Click here to download an application form

'The Franklin Method closes gaps in knowledge in the dance field. A comprehensive approach to movement and mental strategies. A must for all dance educators who wish to bring their art into the 21st century.'
Anne Holm, Jensen Ballet mistress & former RDB ballet dancer

'Very inspiring course, held in a wonderful atmosphere.  Insightful knowledge given to the participants without any pretentious intention. I feel I was given very useful and practical tools to be applied in my work as a ballet teacher, which will improve my approach to several "problematic" areas in conveying technique.'
Fatima Argueria, Ballet Teacher The School of Modern Dance Copenhagen
& Oevre Sports College

"This course increased my awareness and have showed me the huge possibilities I contain. I believe this will be the key to my success."
Izabela Sokolowska, solist Royal Danish Ballet

"The Franklin method will do more to improve your teaching of any kind of movement than any other system or program I have studied.If you want to become the best teacher you can be, take this program. Through the Franklin Training, I have learned to see movement more clearly, correct movement patterns more easily and teach with a greater sense of joy and fun than ever before. I had a great time. It was truly a life changing experience."
Nora St John, Educational Director Balanced Body.

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