This award is designed to enable an aspiring young British-based instrumental chamber ensemble to bridge the gap between full-time conservatoire-based study and the music profession by providing them with the means and time to develop their professional skills and contacts whilst continuing their development with the support of a Trinity Laban Mentor.

In light of Trinity' Laban's mission to train aspiring musicians for portfolio-based careers, the Richard Carne Junior Fellows are likely to have a broad range of musical interests (such as outreach education activities, or period instrument performing practice), in addition to a good knowledge of the chamber repertoire appropriate to their particular grouping. Applicants should expect to contribute to the Conservatoire community as well as pursuing their own career.


The Richard Carne Junior Fellows will be awarded a tax-free bursary of £10,000 to cover group expenses and help cut the cost of any tuition undertaken during the academic year. The Junior Fellowship is awarded for one academic year (but with the option to renew for one further year), and must be taken up in the year for which it is awarded.

Available to external applicants as well as current Trinity Laban students and alumni, the average age of applicant ensemble members will normally be under 30, but candidates should already have successfully completed formal studies at a level at least equivalent to a postgraduate diploma or degree, or be completing these studies in the academic year in which the application is made.

The award is open to any classical instrumental chamber ensemble including (but not limited to) string, piano, wind or brass trios, quartets, quintets, etc. Applicants will also need to be able to demonstrate substantial successful experience as an ensemble, the motivation and determination to continue intensive study, and the desire to develop their skills by working regularly with other musicians both within and outside the Conservatoire.

Conditions of Fellowship

Junior Fellows are responsible for making their own arrangements for lessons and other tuition inside and/or outside the Conservatoire, and for planning their own work routines and monitoring their effectiveness. Tuition may be either with Conservatoire staff or those not directly associated with Trinity Laban. Candidates should note that it is a condition of the scheme that at least half the value of the bursary should be used to fund further study. In all cases, submitted budgets should show how the candidates expect to contribute personally to their costs for the year.

Bursaries are intended to supplement, not to replace, contributions from applicants' own resources and The Richard Carne Junior Fellows will be required to use their scholarship money exclusively for legitimate, approved expenses. Reasonable expenses may include: coaching to assist in the preparation of a range of concert programmes; music purchases; venue hire; keyboard hire/tuning costs for performances; competition entry/travel expenses; marketing/publicity costs; and so on. The Junior Fellows should also expect to fulfil such other duties as negotiated and agreed with Trinity Laban, including (though not exclusive to) the following examples:

  • Organise, lead, coach, direct, inform and/or participate alongside Trinity Laban performers and composers in a range of projects and/or other activities as appropriate (N.B. These arrangements will be agreed in advance for the period September-January and again for February-June. Participation in at least one activity within each six-month period is mandatory.)
  • Attend/participate in selected fundraising events/concerts as a Trinity Laban representative, contributing to these as requested and in negotiation with the Head of Performance
  • Compile a portfolio of work undertaken during the year containing programmes, reviews, and other details of their activities as Trinity Laban Junior Fellows (N.B. portfolios are not returned, so personal copies should be retained)
  • Produce a short written report on activities undertaken to date by the end of the first semester, and a further full written report (to accompany the portfolio of work) by the conclusion of the second semester
  • Keep the Conservatoire and any relevant trustees/sponsors informed on a regular basis of opportunities to attend performances or events in which they are involved
  • Fulfil any other duties as negotiated and agreed with Trinity Laban
  • Adhere to all other relevant Trinity policies and procedures found in the Trinity Laban Regulations Handbook

In addition, Trinity Laban will provide the Richard Carne Junior Fellows with:

  • Mentor support: access to and support from an appropriately qualified individual from within the Trinity Laban senior staff team
  • Practice Facilities: physical access, including ID/access Cards for use within King Charles Court, equivalent to that available to full-time Trinity Laban students without disadvantaging Trinity Laban students
  • IT: access to IT facilities within King Charles Court equivalent to that available to full-time Trinity Laban students
  • Library: use and borrowing rights equal to full time students
  • Coaching: coaching as required with Trinity Laban's ensemble coaching staff and / or other Trinity Laban salaried members of staff (as relevant) subject to agreement with their Mentor, to a usual maximum of 10 hours per calendar year. (N.B. Access to all other in-house Trinity Laban staff to be paid for by the Junior Fellows at the Trinity Laban hourly rate for chamber music coaches, currently £40.06* per hour)
  • Masterclasses/Understudy: Participation in Trinity Laban masterclasses as appropriate
  • Recording: Use of the Trinity Laban recording studio at an agreed level commensurate with equivalent groups (typically three full days), subject to the constraints of the demands on the studio and working staff time lines. Subsequent time will be charged at the appropriate Trinity Laban discounted staff rate (currently £16 per hour)
  • Publicity & Marketing: Access to the advice and expertise of the Trinity Laban PR & Marketing department, subject to the constraints of the demands on the department and working to staff time lines (N.B. typically 2 months advance warning is required for all materials). Activities might include the creation of a detailed and relevant mailing list, the design of a generic flier/postcard for future publicity, etc. (N.B. use of an external designer or printer and all "additional cost" activities such as photography must be paid for by the Junior Fellow ensemble.)
  • Performance: Performance opportunities as appropriate or required, to be discussed and arranged in conjunction with the appropriate Head(s) of Departments, Chamber Music Coordinator(s) and Head of Performance
  • Other Professional Opportunities: Community/outreach work as appropriate, to be discussed and arranged in conjunction with the Head of Professional Skills

Updated by A Ratcliffe Jan 2010

* pending Pay Framework Agreement

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