Job Hunting Jargon Buster

Explanations for some of the commonly used terms in job advertisements.

FTE means full-time equivalent.  For example, a job advertised as 0.5 FTE means that you will work half the amount of time that a person working full-time would do (where 1.0 represents full-time hours). 

Pro rata
Pro rata is used when a job is part-time and the salary quoted is what someone working full-time would receive for the same job. Your salary will be calculated according to what proportion of a full-time job your hours make up.  Click here for more information, including an example to illustrate how this works and advice on how to calculate what you would be paid for part-time hours.

Fixed term contract
You are employed for a fixed period of time and then your contract ends.

IFSTL (UK job advertisements)
Interest-Free Season Ticket Loan.  For example: Salary: £22,500 pa + IFSTL.



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