How Much Can I Borrow?

Am I eligible for Federal Student Aid?

You must be enrolled at least half time on a course at Trinity to be eligible for Federal Student Aid.

How much can I borrow?

You can only borrow up to your Cost of Attendance (CoA) less any Expected Financial Aid (EFA) which includes any bursaries, scholarships, grants and awards. The Cost of Attendance Table shows the maximum borrowing limits for Staffords, our estimated costs and how much you can borrow in total. The Cost of Attendance is estimated annually. Educational loans are purely for the education of the student and are not to cover family members or be extended for any costs not directly related to the course. Costs for other purposes such as bringing the family with you or keeping on a mortgage in USA cannot be taken out as part of an educational loan. On a practical level, there are parameters within which the value of the estimates may be adjusted, but more than a few percent outside the estimated costs must be fully justified or will not be certified. The estimates are:

  • RENT: an average of the cost of the Halls of Residence, and the average rent for renting a room / bed-sit in the area local to Trinity
  • BOARD: for food, cleaning and laundry. Students are expected to live as students
  • REPERTOIRE, CDs & BOOKS: based on an average cost per term for essential course materials
  • TRAVEL: the cost of travelling to and from the Conservatoire and to concerts and rehearsals. London travel cost information can be found on the TFL website
  • OTHER: allows two return flights from the US Remember
  • Your loan must pay fees first
  • Ensure you have borrowed enough for living costs not forgetting that disbursements are only once a term
  • Only borrow what you really need, you have to repay it
  • Borrowers can be turned down

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