The Estates team at Trinity Laban are working on a number of energy saving initiatives across both the faculties of Music and Dance in order to ensure our buildings are as efficient as possible, reducing our carbon footprint and cutting our energy bills. Find a few of the initiatives that we are planning for this year below:


80% of the lighting at King Charles Court and the Laban Building is sensor-operated to ensure lights, particularly in underused areas such as corridors, are only on when they are in use. The remaining 20% is set to a timer to ensure it switches off out of hours and overnight.  Staff and students are encourged to switch lights off when they leave a room and banks of light switches are marked so that only the required lights are switched on.

Office equipment

An ICT switch off campaign is being rolled out in 2014/15 reminding all staff to fully power down their office equipment, including photocopiers, printers etc, at the end of the working day.  As part of this an audit will be carried out to determine the carbon footprint of all office equipment and the amount of energy that can be saved by switching equipment off wherever possible.


We are planning a  "Christmas Jumper Day" this winter to remind staff how easy it is to put an extra layer on to keep warm rather than turning up the heating.  The Carbon Trust recommends an office temperature of 21 degrees: turning the heating up just one degree can increase energy bills by 8-10%!  Staff and students are encouraged to inform Estates if they notice an area of the building that seems particularly warm, and radiators will be adjusted accordingly and pipes lagged as required.