Green Procurement

Green Procurement considers the environmental aspects, potential impacts and costs, of choosing what goods and services to buy. It focuses on obtaining products and services that are less harmful to the environment: it encourages the purchase of green products made with less harmful materials or which, when produced or used or consumed, would have a minimal impact on the environment.

Trinity Laban is planning to complete a full process review for procurement in 2014/15, ensuring that choices going forwards are sustainable, including catering, energy and office equipment such as stationery.  A few of the initiatives already under way include:

  • We are committed to ensuring that our mailings are wrapped in biodegradeable polywrap or in envelopes without plastic windows.  
  • We buy eco-friendly stationery products where possible.
  • We will be organising a stationery amnesty once a term to get staff and students to return any unwanted stationery so that it can be re-distributed.  
  • We are encouraging staff to think twice before they order new equipment.
  • We are encouraging staff to send e-Christmas cards rather than cards.
  • All paper used in our printers is 100% recycled, ensuring that all paper products ordered hold the EU Ecolabel.