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Welcome to Dance Science Resources. This page aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and discourse through providing direction to prominent organisations, societies, and journals within dance and music science.

The Dance Science Lab supports learning, teaching and research with physiology, biomechanical and psychology testing equipment.  We provide a safe environment alongside specialist knowledge for researchers to conduct scientific investigation.

Below you can find recent and ongoing research, information for dancers and those researching dance, current programmes and initiatives, and upcoming events and conferences.

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Performance Science Organisations

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National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) 

NIDMS aims, through shared expertise and a network of multidisciplinary hub-sites and partners, to provide access for all dancers to high quality, evidence-based, dance specific healthcare and dance science services. NIDMS mission statement is "to develop, implement, and disseminate scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice centred on the promotion and optimisation of health, well-being, and performance in dance". We do this through three strands; research, clinical practice and education. Trinity Laban is proud to be one of NIDMS's six founding partners that form the core of the Institute. Others include Birmingham Royal Ballet, Dance UK, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, University of Birmingham and University of Wolverhampton.

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science

"IADMS was formed to foster several related goals in the dance medicine and science field; the purposes and objectives of the organization are summarized in its Mission Statement: IADMS enhances the health, well-being, training, and performance of dancers by cultivating educational, medical, and scientific excellence."

Dance UK Healthier Dancer Programme

"Dance UK's Healthier Dancer Programme (HDP) works to promote the physical and psychological health of dancers, supporting best practice. Dance UK's Healthier Dancer Programme organises periodic events and conferences to bring different sections of the dance community together to address pertinent issues. These will be publicised within the pages of their website as they come up, along with details of other relevant events and conferences."

Rudolf Nureyev Foundation

'The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation (RNF) Medical Website serves dancers and the medical and health professionals who care for them; providing access to recent and archival articles from leading professionals; listing to up to date research and conference proceedings, resources and information; and linking to international specialist healthcare provision.' The RNF Medical Website is administrated through a partnership between Dance UK and the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation.

Foundations for Excellence

"The Foundations for Excellence website is the home for information, guidance and sign-posting in the area of health and well being for young musicians and dancers."

Performing Arts Medicine Association

"PAMA is an organization comprised of dedicated medical professionals, artists, educators, and administrators with the common goal of improving the health care of the performing artist."

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

"BAPAM is a unique charity delivering specialist health support to performing artists. We run free, confidential health assessment clinics for professional, semi-pro and student performing artists. We hold an online Directory of medical doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare practitioners including counsellors, who have special expertise in treating performing artists. We have a library of health information resources for performers."

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

"ISTD provide a series of one day courses which offer a continuous professional development package for dance teachers delivered by key researchers and specialists in the field. These courses are not only relevant to all APL candidates who are required to complete APL refresher courses, but also dance teachers who wish to develop their knowledge."

Foundation for Community Dance: Dance, Health & Wellbeing

"We have attempted to gather together the most significant information here. In The News is a collection of articles from news websites, the projects highlighted in Case Studies aim to inspire your work. CPD Opportunities lists specific training, whilst Funding, Resources and Research provide a cross-section of materials for your information. The Useful contacts cover a wide range of organisations. The Library page lists specific articles published in Animated about dance, health and well-being."

Music and Science Online

"This online resource, maintained by the RCM Centre for Performance Science in collaboration with the University of London's Institute of Musical Research, aims to facilitate understanding and discourse between those whose work lies at the crossroads of music and science. Information on conferences, societies, journals, and research groups in music and science is provided."

Safe in Dance International (SiDI)

SiDI's aim is to support, develop, encourage and endorse the implementation of Healthy Dance Practice world-wide. Whether dancer or dance teacher, choreographer or director, amateur pre-professional or professional, our intention is to support the interests and needs in Healthy Dance Practice. SiDI provides International endorsement and Continuing Professional Development in Healthy Dance Practice. Their international advisors are leaders in the field of Dance Medicine and Science. SiDI works together with NIDMS and IADMS  to promote their shared educational aims. IADMS also supports the Principles underlying the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate offered by SiDI. Safe in Dance International is an affiliate of the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) who endorses its CPD programme.


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Foundation for Community Dance

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