Dance Specific Fitness Tests

The Dance Specific Fitness Tests (DSFT) were developed by Dr Emma Redding and Dr Matt Wyon, which incorporate the Dance Aerobic Fitness Test (DAFT) as originally developed by Laban.

The first scientifically validated aerobic and anaerobic fitness tests designed specifically for dancers. Research shows that cardiorespiratory fitness is an important part of a dancer's training because the physiological demands of dance performance can be extremely high. Dancers need good stamina to work at their best, delay the onset of fatigue and help prevent fatigue-induced injuries.

The Contemporary and Ballet Tests consist of five progressive four-minute stages that use dance movement to test aerobic fitness . The High-Intensity Test comprises four shorter one-minute bouts of dance movement to anaerobic fitness. The dancers perform as many stages as they can. During the tests, the dancers' heart rate is measured in-between stages using either the manual HR method or a heart rate monitor, to measure aerobic or anaerobic capacity.

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The Dance Specific Fitness Tests DVD is available for purchase and includes full instructions, demonstrations and music to accompany the test.
The Dance Specific Fitness Tests DVD, CD and booket pack are available for £50 + postage and packaging (£3.50 UK/ up to £10.80 worldwide).

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