In the Dancer's Mind: Creativity, Novelty and Imagination

Trinity Laban, Coventry University and Plymouth University are conducting a three year, in-depth analysis of the mental imagery used by performers to push the boundaries of contemporary dance. The project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Plymouth, which is leading on the ground breaking research, will work with Trinity Laban Dance Science and trainee dancers at Coventry University to examine what enables dancers to more effectively use mental imagery to generate movement material. It will also examine how such mental techniques and methods can be taught most effectively, with a view to developing detailed training programmes for aspiring dancers to employ. The Leverhulme grant also provides funding for two PhD student researchers for Trinity Laban and Coventry.

Emma Redding, Head of Trinity Laban’s Dance Science, says: “The Leverhulme grant will enable teachers to share their practice of teaching choreography, psychologists to understand more about how dancers think when they move, and dancers to discover how to enhance their own creativity."

The project brings together creative practitioners and dance science researchers to ask important unanswered questions regarding how dancers think when they create, those questions which can only be properly investigated through interdisciplinary art and science research.

Picture credit - Chris Nash