Screening packages

Screening is used both to identify potential problems at an early stage, and to develop prevention and/or rehabilitation strategies for individuals. Our scientifically informed packages will help you to know your body better and enhance your training regime. We offer both an individual fundamental screening package and bespoke company screening packages which can be designed to suit the needs of your performers.

Why Trinity Laban?

Trinity Laban's Dance Science department is a world leader in Dance Science teaching and research. As experienced dance practitioners, the dance science team is well-equipped to apply the latest theories and findings directly from research into artistic practice in the studio or on stage. Our experience has resulted in the development of dance-specific fitness assessments and we continue to draw on our dance and science knowledge and expertise to develop more dance-specific testing methods.

What are the benefits of Screening?

We have been providing screening for students training at Trinity Laban for many years now and have developed an excellent and affordable package that addresses dancer specific needs. Our scientifically informed packages can help you enhance your training regime while raising your awareness and knowledge of your own body's potential. Screening can be used to assess your level of fitness, proactively address potential injury risk, track your training progress, and support you in achieving your optimal performance potential.

Industry professionals say:

"You have to keep your fitness up. That's part of being a dancer; you have to do that training anyway" Artistic Director

"We are advocates for dancers learning about themselves."Managing Director

What do we offer?

  • The fundamental screening package is suitable for a range of performers and available on an individual basis at set time points throughout the year.
  • Bespoke packages are available for dance and other physical performance companies. These are designed in consultation with you to suit the needs of your performers (minimum group size of 4). 


Once the screening has been completed, a detailed individual feedback report will be provided to each screened performer during a one-to-one feedback session. This will provide you with a context for your results and allow time for some discussion of the relationship between your screening results and their application to your training and performance. Recommendations for continued training will also be made.

For general enquiries please contact Dance Science.