Bespoke Screening Packages

Our bespoke screening packages offer a unique opportunity for professional dance companies to undergo a series of assessments that have been tailored to the specific demands and needs of their dancers.

A wide range of tests involving more sophisticated protocols and equipment are available to companies of 4 or more performers. In consultation with our Dance Science team we can recommend tests that are most appropriate to your specific needs and performance demands.

In addition to individual feedback reports, we can also arrange verbal feedback and/or practical workshops based on implementing recommendations and providing further context to the meaning of the results. We can also provide summarised written reports for management/ directors as long as all performers have consented to their data being shared in this way prior to the screen.

Prices vary based on the final design of the package, please contact Dance Science to discuss your needs and requirements in order to begin the consultation process, or call 0208 305 9483.

Previous companies who have undertaken our bespoke screening package have noted the follow benefits:

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses of dancers
  • Ability to adapt physical demands of performance so goals were realistic
  • Attractive part of the contract for dancers
  • Ability to make use of information to help performers get fit for  performance - pushing within their personal limits

"We felt a responsibility to get them into a good fitness state, so that when we come to rehearsals we could get the most from them, but also we could reduce the risk of injury." Artistic Director