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Here is a list of modules for this programme.

Core (required) Modules

M-502B Research Lab 30 credits
M-505B Project 60 credits

Elective Modules

You must select THREE modules from the 'module menu' listed below, noting that not all modules may be offered in any one year (shown as greyed out) and there may be scheduling conflicts which may render some choices 'unavailable' (Note: some modules have restricted entry, usually by audition: please see the Module Specifications for more information)

M-506 Self-Directed 30 credits
M-512 Synergies & Transformations 30 credits
M-532 Histories of the Body 30 credits
M-548 Performance Making 30 credits
M-571 Bodies, Space, Place 30 credits
M-572 Dance & the Moving Image 30 credits
M-573 Writing the Body 30 credits
M-581 Embodied Practice (interview/audition required) 30 credits