Jazz Performance (BMus & ISP)

The audition will last for 30 minutes. Assessment will be based upon the applicant's ability to combine creativity with a sound technique and strong aural skills. The table below provides information about  the audition process.

Important notes for jazz candidates:

Jazz Vocalists, please note that microphones will not be provided. If you require a microphone, please bring your own.

Jazz Drummers should not bring their own cymbals and note the following from the Head of Jazz:

Prepare two contrasting pieces, i.e. tempo and feel. Make sure that you improvise, either 4's, 8's or open/free. You will have approximately 20 minutes to rehearse with a rhythm section (provided by Trinity). It will be helpful if you can demonstrate some keyboard skills, i.e. II V I and recognise major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th chords and half-diminished chords by ear. There will be some straight forward sight-reading in a big band style (you will be accompanied by a rhythm section plus a saxophonist).

If you do not understand any of the requirements above, discuss them with your teacher.

For more information on Jazz auditions, and guidance on how to submit a recording for pre-auditioning, please click here.


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