The Leverhulme Trust Scholarships

The Leverhulme Trust was established in 1925 under the Will of the First Viscount Leverhulme with the instruction that its resources should be used to support “scholarships for the purposes of research and education.” Since that time, the Trust has provided funding for research projects, fellowships, studentships, bursaries and prizes; it operates across all the academic disciplines, the ambition being to support talented individuals as they realise their personal vision in research and professional training. With annual funding of some £60 million, the Trust is amongst the largest all-subject providers of research funding in the UK.

As well as providing funding for Trinity Laban's groundbreaking research into talent development and performance optimisation, the Leverhulme Trust support the next generation of music and dance students through their Leverhulme Arts Scholarships, which Trinity Laban awards to highly gifted students who have the artistic flair and innate ability to benefit from specialist conservatoire trianing.

"Trinity Laban has a long and rewarding relationship with the Leverhulme trust, and many of our music and dance alumni are forging successful careers in the arts thanks to this most welcome financial support. These scholarships mean that talented young people can have access to financial support to enrol on our courses, without which they wouldn't be able to."

- Professor Anthony Bowne, Principal of Trinity Laban

Charlotte _pook"The Leverhulme funding has made it possible for me to pursue my career in dance at one of the leading institutions in the world. Working in Transitions with such talented and diverse choreographers has been incredible. It is thanks to the Leverhulme contribution that myself and international dancers could be part of such an amazing experience"    
- Charlotte Pook, Transitions Dance Company

Thomas _bowes"Without the financial help of the Leverhulme Trust  I wouldn't be able to develop my training and studies at masters level. The trust provided the opportunity to help me reach my full potential as a dance artist and without the bursary this would not have been possible. Thank you!"

- Thomas Bowes, Transitions Dance Company

Marika _visser"Once again, I would like to thank Leverhulme for all their support over this past year, I cannot put into words how grateful I am still. This yearI successfully auditioned for the National Youth Music Theatre, and this opportunity would not have been possible had it not been for the support of the Leverhulme Trust this academic year."
- Marika Visser, Leverhulme Musical Theatre Bursary Holder

Tamara _young"I am so grateful to the Leverhulme Trust for the scholarship that they made possible, which has helped me make huge strides in my professional development and begin my musical career This has been the final year of my Masters degree at Trinity Laban, and so for the near future I plan to further expand my freelance work, and hope to find a permanent position within a London orchestra."
- Tamara Young, Leverhulme Trust Scholar


With grateful thanks from Trinity Laban for this most generous award.