Animate Artists

Animate Artists

Animate Artists is a collaborative and creatively challenging music-making opportunity for our older or more experienced Animate Orchestra members. This programme is for young people up to year 13 who are interested in honing their creative skills in a smaller, more advanced ensemble made up of young musicians from across the four boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Royal Greenwich and Lewisham.

Each year we recruit for a new Animate Artists cohort. The opportunity to become an Animate Artist is by invitation only, and this is on the basis of your involvement in Animate Orchestra to-date. Instrumentalists and music technologists can take part, and an invitation to participate takes into account your playing ability, creativity, attitude, and enthusiasm for collaborative working.


Our 2016 Animate Artists cohort collaborated with dancers from the Trinity Laban Youth Dance Programme to prepare an original performance piece for the Live at Trinity Laban showcase. Young musicians and dancers were supported by professional music and dance artists to develop their ideas across 5 months or workshops and creative research. Their final piece used glove technology, developed by artist Imogen Heap, to blur the boundaries between the art forms of music and dance.

Opportunities for Animate Artists may differ each year.


Recruitment for each new Animate Artists cohort usually happens annually in October. Watch this space for further information, or visit the Animate Orchestra website for more details.

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