Training Programme

The Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning (DDTAL) is a part-time, flexible course.

The DDTAL course offers 25 training days in total. We offer practical workshops, lectures and seminars for each of the six units in the DDTAL programme, led by highly experienced trainers and practitioners. You will receive individual support and guidance from the Trinity Laban Professional Development Manager, you can access the Faculty of Dance library, resources and study guides, and benefit from being part of an informal network of dance practitioners.

For details of what additional feedback and support is offered on the DDTAL course and Top-Up Route see Training Routes.

Dates for the Academic Year 2016/17

The DDTAL course for Unit 1 includes eight Core Days plus your own choice of any four from the Specialist Training Days Programme listed for Unit 1 so that you can identify areas of personal development pertinent to your practice and teaching context. This makes twelve sessions in total for Unit 1. (Additional days from the Specialist Training Days Programme listed for Unit 1 are also available to you at the alumni reduced rate of £75 per day.)

All sessions run from 10.00h to 17.00h.

Unit 1

16 Sep 2016

Core Day 1 - Induction

17 Sep 2016

Core Day 2 - Introduction to Diploma and Unit 1

1 Oct 2016

Specialist Training Day Option: Teaching Dance Technique and Performance Skills

2 Oct 2016

Core Day 3 - Using Laban's Movement Analysis for teaching dance (with a focus on all age groups)

15 and 16 Oct 2016

Core Days 4 and 5 - Planning and Supporting Learning in Dance

12 Nov 2016

Specialist Training Day Option: Teaching Dance in Primary Schools

13 Nov 2016

Specialist Training Day Option: Choreographing for Young People and Adults (in a range of partipatory settings)

26 and 27 Nov 2016

Core Days 6 and 7 - Managing and Evaluating Learning in Dance

10 Dec 2016

Specialist Training Day Option: Dance Practice and Mental Health

11 Dec 2016

Specialist Training Day Option - Teaching the Elderly Dancer in a range of participatory settings

4 Feb 2017

Specialist Training Day Option: GCSE Dance and James Cousins

5 Feb 2017

Specialist Training Day Option: GCSE Dance and Hip Hop Dance style with Boy Blue

25 Feb 2017

Specialist Training Day Option: Behaviour Management in the Dance Workshop

26 Feb 2017

Specialist Training Day Option: Diverse and Inclusive Practice in Dance with Magpie, Candoco and Trinity Laban (3 models of practice)

11 March 2017

Core Day 8 - Preparing for Unit 1 assessment

The following units begin at different times and are not listed in order of start date.

Unit 2

Course fees include all sessions listed

29 and 30 April 2017 Core Days - Safeguarding and Legal Compliance

Unit 3

Course fees include all sessions listed

10 and 11 June 2017 Core Days - Statutory education/government policy across a range of contexts/Trinity Laban projects
1 and 2 July 2017 Core Days - Being a Professional/pitching for work

Unit 4

Course fees include all sessions listed

13 and 14 May 2017

Core Days - Safe and Effective Dance Practice

Unit 5

Course fees include all sessions listed

1 and 2 April 2017

Core Days - critical reflection and the case study

Unit 6

Note there is only one course session for this Unit. Ongoing support is then purchased as needed via an individual support package. Dates for this personal support are individually negotiated with the Programme Development Manager. Advice about support packages is given at the Introductory course day.

18 Sept 2016

Alternative date:
15 Feb 2017

Core Day - Introductory Day: Dance Teaching in Practice; requirements for Unit 6

Two Support Options are available after the introductory Core Day.

  1. Main route with two sets of feedback on all assessment material
  2. Reduced Support Package with one set of feedback on lesson plans and filmed lesson only

Further Top-Up Support for additional feedback is available if needed after taking either of the above support options. Details on request.

Flexible Routes Through DDTAL

There are many possible routes through the Diploma depending on how many of the Units you may wish to study in any single academic year. Units run in a similar pattern each year to make it easy for you to plan your studies.

Possible Combinations of Units in each year provide a flexible route. You must complete the Diploma within three years of the date on which you passed your first submitted Unit (whichever Unit this is). Longer time frames can be also possible, in consultation with the Course Leader, by delaying your first submission for examination.

The table below offers suggested options. This will also be discussed with you at Induction for Unit 1.

Year 1 Options Year 2 Options Year 3 Options
Unit 1 Units 2- 5 Unit 6
Units 1-3 Units 4-5 Unit 6
Units 1-4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Units 1-4 Units 5-6  
Units 1-5 Unit 6  

Units 1-6
(limited availability 
to the most 
highly experienced)


What previous participants have said

"I recently got a new job as dance development officer. They were impressed with my coursework on evaluation and lesson planning and my new knowledge of Dance Education sealed the deal! So thank you!"

“A lovely example of inclusive dance.....a week ago someone came to observe my class and was delighted a child with severe Down's syndrome was happily joining in with the others and creating her own dance with a joy they have never seen her express in any other class." 

"I'm delighted with the new job which I can honestly say I wouldn't have got if I hadn't been on the course."

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