Training Routes

We offer a training programme for the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning (DDTAL) that includes weekends and holiday times. If you are accepted onto the course, please note that the Induction Day for Unit 1 is on a weekday.


  • DDTAL Course - our main DDTAL course is part-time and flexible in terms of the number of Units you might wish to take in any one year.
  • Top-Up Route - for those who have already participated in DDTAL Course Units and who need further feedback and support in order to submit or resubmit for examination. See further details for this route below.
  • Bespoke Packages of Training - Trinity Laban is willing to discuss particular needs with other organisations or agencies. Please contact the Professional Development Manager, Dr Lorna Sanders, to discuss the possibilities.

DDTAL Course

The DDTAL course provides in-depth training, leading to taking the assessments for each of the six units of DDTAL. (Please see the Training programme page for more details on these units.)

The course is suitable for:

  • recent graduates with a degree in dance and some limited experience of teaching;
  • dance artists who may have some experience of teaching and leading but little formal training in how to teach; 
  • experienced dance teachers who wish to refresh and update their skills; and
  • those who need further support in preparing the written assessment material.

The course is not suitable for those who have no experience in teaching dance, although good quality experience of facilitating and volunteering would be suitable.

The programme fee includes a total package of:

  • Course Days at the weekends and holiday times to cover the content for each DDTAL Unit. Opportunity to purchase additional Specialist Training Days at the reduced fee of £75 per day.
  • Individual support and guidance from the Laban Professional Development Manager (Dr Lorna Sanders - who is also Senior Assessor for the Diploma and has been delivering it since its inception) including two sets of feedback on draft assessments for Units 1, 3, 4 and 5 before these are submitted for assessment. Unit 2 is an online assessment task and Unit 6 has varied levels of feedback for individuals (see Unit 6 course details).
  • Access to the Laban Library, resources, course handbook and study guides.
  • Being part of an informal network of dance practitioners.
  • Organisation of Trinity College London assessment. 

Top-up Route

The Top-up route is for students who have already participated in DDTAL Course Units and who need further feedback on draft assessment materials prior to submission, and support in order to submit or resubmit for examination. Details are provided to individual students in consultation with the Professional Development Manager.

More information

Please contact our Professional Development Manager, Dr Lorna Sanders, for further information.

See also: Programme fees

What previous participants have said

“Studying this diploma at Trinity Laban has been especially meaningful to me as I have wanted to study there for a long time, but hadn't due to time/financial constraints. It also meant that we were taught by many of the contributors to 'Shaping Practice' (and the editor herself), which I think was extremely beneficial. We had use of Trinity Laban facilities (the studios, the Dance Science department, the library, Moodle, etc.) and got to observe many of the youth classes, which was both fascinating and a valuable learning experience.”

“Studying the DDTAL course at Trinity Laban gave me the opportunity to meet other minded-like artists and great professionals in the field. The theoretical knowledge, hands-on teaching practice and many resources available in the facilities have completely transformed my practice."

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