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Welcome: Diane Widdison, National Organiser for Education & Training - The Musicians’ Union, and Dr Claire Mera-Nelson, Director of Music - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Keynote: Tom Service

Prolific broadcaster, writer, and thinker Tom Service leads us in kicking off our 2016 Conference.

Find out more about Tom’s work with the BBC here, Guardian here, and follow him on twitter @tomservice.



Our case study sessions are thought provoking examples of work, with practical examples that can be taken back and applied to your teaching or leading practice.

Fri 28 Oct, 15.15-16.15: Connect: Resound (NYMAZ).

Connect: Resound is an action research project exploring how digital technologies can be used to deliver music education and enrichment activities to children living in rurally isolated areas. The Connect: Resound team introduce us to their pilot project and explain some of the practicalities of using this technology and how it can be applied to instrumental teaching.
Emily Penn - Project Manager, NYMAZ, additional team TBC.

Sat 29 Oct, 11.45-12.45: Animate Orchestra: Creative Ownership & Widening Participation.

Animate Orchestra is a creative ensemble for the 21st Century based in South East London. This session looks at how Animate Orchestra is exploring what it means to cultivate creative ownership in young musicians as a means of promoting and generating participation across south east London.
Helen Hendry - Widening Participation Manager, Learning & Participation (Music), Trinity Laban and one of Animate’s lead Practitioners.

Sat 29 Oct, 13.15-14.15: Folk Music Ensembles in Schools and Beyond

This session, led by the English Folk Dance and Song Society introduces folk music in schools and informal settings, with a focus on the London Youth Folk Ensemble and the new National Youth Folk Ensemble launching in October 2016 under the guidance of artistic director Sam Sweeney. With film footage from young people involved in folk music in and out of school and a look at online folk resources, we discuss how alternative approaches to ensemble fits into the wider sector and potentially your students’ musical life.
Rachel Elliott - Education Director, and Sarah Jones - National Youth Folk Ensemble Programme Manager, English Folk Dance and Song Society



Our discussion sessions are opportunities to hear about current thinking on key music education issues, as well as ask your own questions direct to panel members.  

Fri 28 Oct, 15.30-16.15: Challenging Traditional Routes

Musical progression routes are shifting and this discussion looks at some of the issues around progression and the exciting pathways now available to young musicians.

With Philip Flood - Sound Connections, Oliver Morris - UK Music, Rachel Nelken - The Roundhouse & ArtsTrain, and Ben Sandbrook - Freelance.
Chaired by Tabby Estell - Head of Children's and Young People's Programmes (Music), Trinity Laban

Fri 28 Oct, 16.45-17.30: Music Education as a Partnership

Looking at and celebrating the teaching community. This presentation looks at music education hubs, music services and the support systems available for teachers, as well as examples how different areas of the music education sector are working together.

With Graeme Barclay - Chair of Heads of Instrumental Teaching Scotland, Heather Powell - Denbighshire Music Co-operative, Jem Shuttleworth - Music Mark, Alex Stevens – Rhinegold.
Chaired by Andrea Spain - Assistant Director of Music and Head of Learning & Participation (Music), Trinity Laban

Sat 29 Oct, 10.00-10.45: CPD - a work in progress

A discussion focused on what CPD means for music teachers and how it can imbue positive change in practice and career.

With Andrea Spain - Trinity Laban, Kerry Boyle - Various, Francesca Christmas - Trinity College London, and Chris Walters - Freelance.
Chaired by Diane Widdison - Musicians’ Union National Organiser for Education & Training

Sat 29 Oct, 15.30-16.15: MU Policies and Strategies

A chance to hear about current MU policy and thinking with Diane Widdison, David Barnard and Assistant General Secretary, Horace Trubridge.
Chaired by Andrea Spain - Assistant Director of Music and Head of Learning & Participation (Music), Trinity Laban



Our practical workshops are a chance for you to get up close, hands on and develop new skills to take back to your practice.

Fri 28 Oct, 16.15-17.30: Dalcroze Eurhythmics

A practical introduction to Dalcroze Eurhythmics with a leading expert Karin Greenhead. Dalcroze is highly creative method unique in its use of movement to develop musicianship, performance and ensemble skills in students of all ages and stages from early years to professional players and seniors. For vocal and instrumental specialists alike.
Workshop leader: Karin Greenhead

Fri 28 Oct, 14.30-16.00: Singing Against the Clock

Concentrating on teaching songs by ear and internalising groove, gain strategies for preparing and delivering songs in unison and simple harmony without notation within the time restraints of a typical lesson with internationally acclaimed jazz vocalists and music educator Pete Churchill. For vocal and instrumental specialists alike.
Workshop leader: Pete Churchill

Fri 28 Oct, 14.30-16.00: Learning in Improvisation

A practical workshop focusing on the pedagogy of improvisation, demonstrating practical ways of harnessing creativity through teacher and pupil led improvisation. With acclaimed performer, collaborator, composer and educator Jackie Walduck. For vocal and instrumental specialists alike.
Workshop leader: Jackie Walduck

Sat 29 Oct, 13.00-14.30:  Ensemble Technology

Musician, sound artist and educator Gawain Hewitt outlines ways of using affordable and manageable technology in creative ensemble work, as a means to encourage holistic musical skills, and self-direction. For vocal and instrumental specialists alike.
Workshop leader: Gawain Hewitt

Sat 29 Oct, 15.00-16.30: Musical Futures: Just Play

A practical introduction to Musical Futures: Just Play with Programme Leader Anna Gower. Just Play is the new skills-building approach from Musical Futures designed for use with whole class instrumental learning from Year 4 and upwards. For vocal and instrumental specialists alike.
Workshop leader: Anna Gower 



Our specialist sessions provide you with an opportunity to explore current thinking and practice in specialist areas of music education.

Fri 28 Oct, 14.30-15.15: The Mindful Musician

Could mindfulness techniques support your pupils learning? Discuss and practice techniques and ideas that focus on awareness of the present moment in music teaching and performance.
Session leader: Fiona McLean-Buechel

Fri 28 Oct, 14.30-15.15: The 21st Century Conservatoire

What role do conservatoires have to play in training the musicians of the future? This presentation and discussion looks at how Higher Education is responding to the needs of a 21st Century Musician. 
Session leaderDr Claire Mera-Nelson

Fri 28 Oct, 15.30-16.15: Music and Autism

Boost your confidence in working with groups including individuals with autism with active practitioner Tina Pinder. This session will discuss and explore successful methods that can be used in a variety of environments. 
Session leader: Tina Pinder

Fri 28 Oct, 16.30-17.15: The Teaching Musician

Enjoy a taster of this accredited postgraduate programme for experienced music educators that supports the development of your practical skills and explores educational theory and research.
Session leaderTim Palmer

Sat 29 Oct, 10.45-11.30: Heart n Soul's Sound Lab

Heart n Soul believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities and our SoundLab project works with digital music-making technology to open up new opportunities for people to create together and express themselves. See what the desire to include more people in making music has taught them and ways that your skills can support others to create, the value of ownership when supporting others to make music, and how technology has been an important tool to support that agency.
Session Leader: Richard Phoenix

Sat 29 Oct, 10.45-11.30: A Choir in Every Care Home 

An introduction the ground breaking programme A Choir in Every Care Home, an initiative active nationally engaging older people being led by three major organisations in the field: Live Music Now, which provides national leadership for musicians working in the care sector; Sound Sense, the UK professional association for community music; and the Sidney De Haan Research Centre, providing cutting edge research on the medical and social impacts of singing.
Session leader: TBC

Sat 29 Oct, 12.00-12.45: Youth and Community Music

Could you use your musical skills more widely across the arts, education and youth sectors? An introduction to how London based organisation CM is supporting aspiring leaders.
Session leader: Sam Johnson

Sat 29 Oct, 14.00 - 14.45: Health Promotion in Music Teaching: Part I

Explore music teachers' roles as 'allies of prevention' in relation to the types of performance-related health problems that musicians can experience. Directly after this session Sarah Upjohn will lead a practical session exploring a child-centred approach to injury prevention for music teachers.
Session leader: Dr. Naomi Norton PhD MMus DipABRSM

 Sat 29 Oct, 15.00 - 15.45: Health Promotion in Music Teaching: Part II

Explore a child-centred approach to injury prevention in music teaching with a specialist physiotherapist in performing arts medicine. Immediately prior to this session Naomi Norton will be presenting an open discussion regarding music teachers' roles as 'allies of prevention' in relation to performance-related health problems.
Session leader: Sarah Upjohn MA MCSP



Wanting to reinvigorate your skills and practice? Got an idea you’d like to develop but not sure where to start? Thinking of changing direction and need to work out how?

Then why not book yourself onto one of our Professional Development Surgeries.

Between 12.00 and 16.30 on Saturday, we are offering a limited number of 1-to-1 professional development sessions for delegates. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss your professional development in a confidential setting with advisors working in the sector. Numbers are limited so we recommend signing up early to make sure you don’t miss out on a valuable conversation that may help shape your future development. To book sign up at our information desk. Sessions are 30 minutes each, please bring your CV.

David Barnard, The Musicians’ Union. Private enterprise and business development.

Marion FriendProfessional coaching for professional and personal development.

Jennifer Raven, Sound Connections. Community music and early years education.

Kate Atkinson, Trinity Laban. Developing your practice. 

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