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This section documents Teach Through Music activity for those who took part, and other interested parties. Resources capture learning from Teach Through Music with the intention of sharing ideas and stimulating continued debate beyond London, and beyond the lifetime of the programme. In keeping with the principles of Teach Through Music none are ‘off the peg’ schemes of work. Resources are designed, instead, to provide inspiration and provoke debate by giving voice to the perspectives of KS3 music teachers.

Inspire Events 

Taking the form of seminars, conferences and networking, Inspire Events offer teachers and the wider music education community the chance to come together and share best practice and research around burning issues. Inspire Events offer a platform for provocation, discussion and networking as well as further musical experiences.


“[The main thing I will take away from today is] positive thinking: looking at barriers with solutions and the importance of networking” – TTM Inspire Feedback Form


Wed 12 November 2014

Focusing on how teachers can develop strategies to support all KS3 pupils to achieve the next steps in their musical learning. Keith Evans highlighted recent work around musical progression, opportunities for young people in the capital and the implications of changes to GCSE Music.

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Preparing All Pupils, Keith Evans Provocation (PDF)  

Tues 25 November 2014

This Session provided a forum for debate and sharing of approaches to assessment and progression. Teachers were invited to explore new assessment and progression models including a framework devised by Dr Alison Daubney (University of Sussex) and Professor Martin Fautley (Birmingham City University).

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See the short film made about assessment and the community of practice

Find the Framework developed by Martin and Ally with Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) here

You can follow Martin and Ally on twitter, and subscribe to Martin’s blog if you would like to keep up to date on the discussion around Musical Assessment.

Mon 2 February 2015

This one-day event brought together individuals and organisations to explore how teachers can enrich the new KS3 music curriculum through engagement with London’s world-class music offer. With opportunities to hear from both teachers and pupils on how projects have enhanced and supported learning, engage with practical workshops, and continual chances to meet and network with a range of music organisations and cultural venues in a ‘Cultural Organisations Marketplace’ the day was varied and rich. The cultural organisations who took part were all keen to hear from teachers as to how they can better support Key Stage 3 music in London, and the effect is resonating.

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The London Curriculum can be found here 
To go to our Teach Through Music Cultural Offers For Your School page here

Wed 18 March 2015

Now, more than ever, teachers need to be advocates and champions for music in schools. This one-day symposium brought together head teachers, school music teachers and key campaigners to debate and exchange ideas. Best practice was shared across schools through open discussion and the presentation of case studies. The event also addressed how Music Hubs and cultural organisations can support teachers to creatively promote excellent musical learning to senior leadership, governors, parents and policy makers alike.

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Wed 13 May 2015

Curated by Rob Wells, this session provided practical and useful solutions in supporting every child in your classroom. A number of related topics were covered including engaging less motivated learners, transition, and designing schemes of work that engage different pupils’ needs and musical experience.

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Tues 16 June 2015

A repeat session by popular demand, this session again explored and discussed musical assessment, please see links and resources above.


Short Courses

Teach Through Music Short Courses provided a forum for more in-depth training. Each course offered up to 12 hours of training over one or two terms and was designed and delivered by leading educationalists in partnership with practising teachers and specialist music organisations. They focused on high standards of practical music-making by pupils, and aimed to support teachers to develop their specialist subject knowledge.

These Short Course summaries provide an overview of content, associated handouts/resources and links to further resources.

“I would like to keep my teaching style fresh and up to date with new ventures that are keeping music alive within the curriculum” – TTM Teacher Learning Goals Profile


Delivered by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning in partnership with THAMES and Morpeth School

This short course explored ways of placing ensemble working at the heart of the Key Stage 3 classroom, and equipped teachers with a portfolio of skills which are applicable across genres and both creative composition and repertoire based work. The course also addressed issues around differentiation and mixed ability groups, assessment and progression.

Course Leaders: Paul Griffiths & Peter Romhany

Course Overview via Padlet 

Designed & delivered by Sound & Music, City of Birmingham University and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG)

Reflecting on what composing with young people entails, Listen Imagine Compose explored and developed creative and pedagogic strategies for teaching composing. Teacher's developed an existing scheme of work and delivered it in the form of an action research project, with support from the Sound & Music short course team and their Teach Through Music Fellow. This Short Course drew on the recommendations of Listen Imagine Compose, a series of symposia and action research projects, which examined how composing is taught and learned at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Course Leaders: Pam Burnard, composers from the original Listen Imagine Compose team, and BCMG musicians

Listen Image Compose Worksheet

More information available on this programme via the Sound and Music website
A growing Listen Imagine Compose Resource Bank can also be found here
See examples of action research undertaken by Teach Through Music teachers on the case study page here

Delivered by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

A course on improvisation for the classroom, building confidence in teachers and exploring pedagogy, progression and assessment. This short course explored the development of musical skills, through improvisation through years 7 to 9. Expect lots of practical experience, a ‘toolkit’ for facilitating improvisation in a range of musical styles, and opportunities to discuss issues of curriculum planning and delivery.

Course Leaders: Jackie Walduck & Sue Stephens

Making Music Summary & Resources 

Delivered by Sound Connections

The focus of this short course was engaging everyone in singing at KS3, and how to maintain pupils’ interest in singing throughout KS3 and beyond. The course provided teachers the tools to support pupils in singing, learning more about changing voices, using voices healthily and most importantly choosing vocal repertoire that works well for your pupils.

Course Leaders: Jane Wheeler and Randolph Matthews.

Voice Works Summary & Resources (PDF) 
Voice Works Film Worksheet (PDF)

Led by University of Greenwich and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in partnership with Forest Hill Boys School

While Musical Futures has brought self-directed learning to the forefront of music education, this course explored how aspects of ownership and decision making by pupils can be incorporated in a range of teaching styles as a means of engaging and including learners. The course itself allowed teachers to take the driving seat, embarking on enquiry based learning, in self-directed workgroups, considering how their teaching can capitalise upon the power of music as a social activity.

Course Leaders: Robert Wells & Craig Coggle 

Course Overview via Padlet

“I will be using my [short course] experience to create a new KS3 composition project and will also be observing music teachers at other local schools to share best practice” - Teacher Pledge from Final Conference


Final Conference

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Laban Building, Friday 10 July 2015

The culmination of the Teach Through Music programme featured inspiring speeches, case studies encompassing the work of participating KS3 music teachers throughout the programme, musical performances, and a celebration of best practice in music education.


“[Next year] I am going to lead musical learning by modelling, rather than verbally explaining before a task. I am going to use ‘circle singing’ in the school choir” - Teacher Pledge from Final Conference


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TTM Final Conference – Sessions & Contributors (PDF)
TTM Final Conference - Teacher's Case Study Taster (PDF)
TTM Final Conference – KS3 Pledge: Postcard Responses (PDF)

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