The Choreographers

All about the choreographers who will be working with Transitions Dance Company on their 2016 Tour

Dog Kennel Hill Project

Dog Kennel Hill Project is a performance and research collective formed by dance artists Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Recent associates with Dance4, their work aims to question what dance is, who can dance and where is can happen. Each has an extensive career as an independent dancer with renowned choreographers such as Charles Linehan, Russell Maliphant, and Fabulous Beast. Since they formed in 2004, their work has evolved for a variety of contexts and included productions for theatre, screen, gallery and specific outdoor sites. Their current touring project, Etudes in Tension and Crisis involves a collection of associated works exploring the act of role play and appropriation of drama in conflict situations.

Following the success of the surreal, witty and subtly threatening 'hold on, let me go' made for Transitions '14, which included body pile-ups, live harmonica playing, hair-ography and singing, this collective have been invited to work with the company again.


Theo Clinkard

Theo is a Cornish born, Brighton-based choreographer, dancer, teacher and theatre designer. Following his training at The Rambert School, he spent 20 years performing internationally in work by some of the UK’s most celebrated choreographers and 5 years co-directing PROBE with Antonia Grove. In 2012 he formed his own 7-strong company to develop a portfolio of eloquent, visceral and visually arresting works that explore the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance. 

His inaugural company work, “Ordinary Courage’ (The Observer ****), toured to 21 venues across the UK, including British Dance Edition 2014 and finished up with performances in Chile. 'Of Land and Tongue', his recent double bill, is conceived for unconventional spaces and an audience of just 60.

Clinkard's work is very physical and often has a poignancy and strength that frames his interest in human relationships and the power and vulnerability of the individual. The emotional resonance of it can be deeply affecting and poetically beautiful.


Ederson Rodrigues Xavier

Following a successful performance career in the Netherlands and internationally, Brazilian-born Xavier began to work as an independent choreographer, dancer, teacher and video artist in 2006.

As a choreographer he has developed an intense physical language, investigating the body’s relationship with space and time, and using it as a medium to communicate concepts driven by a deep understanding of the mechanisms that make us move and exist. He is inspired by the intersection of dance with other disciplines such as architecture, painting, music, sculpture, design, science and film.

The focus of Xavier’s work is underpinned by a musical fascination and chameleon-like perspective. His intricate and fluid movement vocabulary is constructed in a most rigorous way, offering new insights into choreographic construction. The results are variously playful and questioning yet always fascinating.