Physiotherapists treat a comprehensive range of conditions, using a wide spectrum of rehabilitation exercise programmes to ease your pain and to restore normal function and movement.

Physiotherapists use treatment techniques such as manipulation and massage together with ultrasound and other forms of electrotherapy, to effectively reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

Each client receives a thorough assessment that determines the diagnosis of their condition. Individual rehabilitation protocols are tailored to meet specific needs.


Physiotherapy can help with a wide range of symptoms/conditions, including:

  • Repetitive and overuse injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee and hip problems
  • Arthritic pain and stiffness
  • Leg pain and sciatica
  • Ankle and foot problems
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Golfers and tennis elbow
  • Acute and chronic back pain
  • Postural problems
  • Shoulder, neck and wrist pain
  • Joint disorders


The benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Injury prevention
  • Function and performance improvement
  • Pain relief
  • Range of movement improvement
  • Postural correction


Tania Amorim

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MSc (Advanced Physiotherapy), BSc (Physiotherapy), Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and PG in Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunctions and Facial Pain, MHCPC, MCSP

Tânia is a passionate physiotherapist who joined Trinity Laban Health in 2012. She previously worked in private practices in Portugal, Spain and the UK, treating sports injuries, performing arts-related disorders, and chronic pain patients.

Tania completed her MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Kings College London and is a Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist by Curtin University of Technology, Australia. She completed a postgraduate degree in Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunctions and Facial Pain at Andres Bello University, Chile. In addition, she is trained in Acupuncture by the AACP and is recognised by the Mulligan Concept Teacher Association as a Mulligan Practitioner.

Tânia constantly strives to improve her skills, doing extra training and attending to lectures and conferences. She is also Pilates Instructor and trained to access motor control dysfunctions, integrating different and challenging exercises with her manual therapy treatments.

She is also passionate for dance, movement and music, and integrates her clinical practice with research and giving lectures on health promotion and injury prevention in dance and music training.

Tania is a recognised practitioner with Dance UK, a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science, and an Associate Member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapy. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Acute and chronic back and neck pain
  • Whiplash injuries and headaches
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain
  • Neurological symptoms: sciatica, carpel tunnel, etc.
  • Posture-related disorders
  • Upper and lower limb disorders
  • Performing arts Injuries
  • Sport and repetitive strain injuries
  • Pre/post-operative conditions 

Katy Chambers

BSc (Physiotherapy), MSc (Dance Science), HCPC, MCSP, RAD, RTS, AIDTA

Katy is a chartered physiotherapist who joined the team at Trinity Laban Health on completion of the MSc in Dance Science at Trinity Laban. She has extensive experience working with dancers as a physiotherapist, Royal Academy of Dance trained teacher and in both matwork and equipment based Pilates rehabilitation and training programmes.

Katy is passionate about injury prevention education and training for dancers and as such has undertaken extensive post graduate training in core stability, flexibility and rehabilitation for dancers as well as combined taping and strapping techniques for dance and sport. She is a recognised practitioner with Dance UK and a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science. Katy has a keen interest in continued research and education; as such she attends regular trainings and conferences and is currently a member of the dance faculty at The Urdang Academy, where she teaches Pilates and body conditioning with functional anatomy for injury prevention and in 2014 will be lecturing on the BSc in Sports and Dance Therapy at London Metropolitan University.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Acute and Chronic dance & sports injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Shoulder Dysfunction 
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Lower limb biomechanics 
  • Flexibility
  • Core stability
  • Postural analysis
  • Redressing muscle imbalance for optimal training

 Physiotherapist - Sofia Ornellas Pinto

BSc (Physiotherapy), MSc (Dance Science), HCPC, MCSP, 

Sofia qualified as a physiotherapist in 2009 at the Alcoitão Superior Health School (Portugal) whilst dancing recreationally (RAD Advanced II) and professionally with the Dança Livre Dance Company. Since then, Sofia has worked mainly in private practice within the musculoskeletal area both with dancers, musicians and the general public.

Looking into further development in sports injury with a focus in dance Sofia completed the MSc in Dance Science at Trinity Laban in 2012, having presented her thesis at the 2013 IADMS Conference (Seattle).

Since her graduation, Sofia's work has been published - Scoliosis in Musicians and Dancers at Clinical Rheumatology –, worked with DanceUK’s Healthier Dancer Programme and with the Dance Again Foundation.

Sofia now works privately as a senior MSK physiotherapist in central London, at Performers College as a dance specific physiotherapist working with rehabilitation, technique correction and physical assessment and as a physiotherapist at The Place’s CAT Programme.

Sofia works mainly with manual therapy, myofascial release and motor control retraining and refining within dance technique and everyday life activities.

Conditions Treated:
  • Headaches
  • Joint and ligament pain, sprains and instability
  • Muscle and tendon pain, stiffness and injury
  • Nerve entrapment or inflammation (sciatica or neck, shoulder and arm pain)
  • Acute and Chronic dance & sports injuries
  • Spinal pain and injury
  • Pelvic pain

 Physiotherapist - Isabel Artigues Cano

Isabel is currently not practicing due to injury. She will be back in 2016/2017.


BSc (Physiotherapy), MSc (Performing Arts Medicine), HCPC, MCSP

Isabel is a pioneering specialist in Performing Arts Medicine - Master of Science from University College London UCL, and one of the first MSc qualified Performing Arts Physiotherapists in the world specialising in the assessment and treatment of injuries to Performing Arts students and professionals. 

Isabel is passionate about looking for ways to enhance health through movement, in order to improve your performance and prevent or manage injuries. Formerly a professional-standard flautist with the Barcelona Conservatoire of Music, Isabel has great empathy with performers, as she has a strong understanding of the demands that a career in dance and music place on the body, and can therefore ensure that her treatment is both effective and above all relevant.

She uses manual therapy combined with advice on posture, technique and ergonomics delivered with an input of imagery and individual goal-oriented psychology for easy integration into performance.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Acute and Chronic back and neck pain
  • Specialist injury rehabilitation & technique advice for dancers, singers & musicians
  • Ergonomics for instrumental musicians
  • Postural correction
  • Performance enhancement - Screening
  • Repetitive and Overuse Syndromes
  • Lectures for students & professionals on Performing Arts - anatomy & physiology, related injuries, Dance/Voice/Music specific advice

Isabel is dedicated to performers' healthy performance and wellbeing, and through physiotherapy and wellness education, she strives to empower others to adopt these same values and inspire change towards better movement and greater nutritional and emotional health. Her language skills allow her to treat people in Spanish, Catalan, French and English.

Isabel is a member of the following organisations: The British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM),  Dance UK: Healthier Dancer Programme,  The Performing Arts Medicine Association (USA),  International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS),  The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and  The Health and Care Professions Council(HCPC).

Physiotherapy is available:

  • Mondays - 09.00h-20.00h
  • Tuesdays - 09.00h-21.00h
  • Wednesdays - 15.30h-19.00h 
  • Thursdays - 9.00h-21.00h
  • Fridays - 09.00h-20.00h
  • Saturdays - 09.00h-17.00h


  • 45 minute Initial Appointment - £50.00
  • 60 minute Follow-up appointment - £80.00
  • 30 minute Follow-up appointment - £40.00

Concessions available for students with a valid student ID.

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