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Centre for Educational Futures

The Centre for Educational Futures functions across the institution to promote learning and teaching excellence.

Transformation of learning and teaching by developing innovative approaches that support teaching and enhance students’ learning experiences.

Our values 

  • Promoting inclusive learning
  • Valuing social and cultural diversity
  • Celebrating the individual
  • Team-work
  • Professionalism

Departmental Objectives

  • Building confidence in all those we work with
  • Unlocking potential through the motivation of learners
  • Promoting a supportive learning environment and a culture of trust and respect
  • Celebrating neurodiversity and creative approaches to learning
  • Promoting equal learning opportunities for everyone


opens in a new windowProfessor Louise Jackson

Head of Learning Enhancement

Caitríona Price

Learning Enhancement Projects Manager

More about Caitríona Price

Caitríona manages a range of institutional academic development/ learning enhancement initiatives and projects that are spearheaded by the HLE. She is a member of the institutional Equality, Diversity and Access Committee; the Learning and Teaching Board; and the Student Experience Committee.

Caitríona facilitates staff and curriculum development activities. For example she mentors staff undertaking their SFHEA on the TL:Augment Pathway Three: Experienced Leader and the TL:Augment Pathway One: Preparing to Teach programmes with the HLE. She has been a Panel Assessor and/or Chair for Viva Assessment Panels for the TL:Augment Advance HE recognised scheme for Fellowship recognition at Descriptors 1-3.

Other areas have included effective annual programme evaluation; academic line management and programme leader mentoring. She has been a ‘critical friend’ for programme leaders undertaking programme validations/ re-validations, a panel member on a Faculty of Music programme re-validation, and on a Departmental Plan Review panel. She was previously seconded to the Faculty of Dance to be part of the programme development/ writing team for the two new foundation programmes in Dance.

Caitríona is an Advance HE recognised facilitator for the new Professional Development Course for External Examiners as part of the Degree Standards Project of which Trinity Laban is an early adopter.


Our Work

Learning Advisory Service: Learning Support

Hazel Bothma

Learning Support Coordinator

opens in a new windowSara Ascenso

Learning Support Tutor (Music)

The Learning Support team provide a range of support activities, which are open to all students. This advisory service provides additional support to individuals within their chosen programme of study. Students can access one-to-one tutorial support as well as specialised support for learning differences. Learning events are timetabled across the year and range from small group learning events to whole-class seminars. Topics range from study skills to academic writing.

  • Dance students can see Hazel Bothma, the Learning Support Coordinator
  • Music students can see Sara Ascenso, the Learning Support Tutor

Learning Advisory Service: English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Kevin Grey

EAP Tutor (Dance)

opens in a new windowMichael Giaquinto

EAP Tutor (Music)

Language support is offered to music and dance students whose first language is not English and is referred to as English for Academic Purposes (EAP). The language skills needed for studying at a UK higher education institution can present considerable challenges to those whose first language is not English. In addition to this, there is the need to become familiar with the technical vocabulary that enables effective communication within the subject area of dance and music. Sessions are delivered through a variety of group sessions, one-to-one tutorial support or online support depending on the students’ programme, year of study, and faculty.

Digitally Enhanced Learning

opens in a new windowDr Dario van Gammeren

Digital Learning Manager

Carol Howells

Learning Technologist

Dr Dario van Gammeren leads on the development and implementation of digital technologies that support a blended approach to curriculum delivery. In his capacity as Digital Learning Manager he focuses on the development of Trinity Laban’s distance-learning programmes, the use of digital technologies to facilitate online collaborative learning and effective feedback, and supports academic staff across faculties to develop their digital capabilities.

Carol Howells manages Trinity Laban’s Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). She provides staff development in digital literacy, facilitates student VLE inductions, and promotes the enhancement of teaching, learning, and assessment through the use of digital platforms.

English Language

opens in a new windowDr Koel Chatterjee

English Language Tutor

Dr Koel Chatterjee runs the integrated English pathway at Trinity Laban, embedding English Language training within the context of Dance and Music programmes. The training prepares students not only for fluency in English, but also for the application of English to academic situations within the context of Dance or Music. Using gamification, traditional ESOL, and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) principles, students on the integrated pathways apply their English language learning alongside academic skills such as critical thinking, presentation techniques and essay writing skills.

While English for Academic Purposes is offered to support students on Music and Dance programmes at various levels, Koel’s work takes place within the context of International Foundation programmes, which prepare students for further study and training.

Find out more about Integrated English Pathways.




트리티니 라반 대학의 모든 학생은 전 세계 최대 규모의 전문 예술인 및 교수진 팀의 교육을 받게 됩니다. 이를 통해 학생들은 기술적 기량을 계발하고, 주제분야 지식을 함양하고, 예술인으로서 자신만의 목소리를 찾을 수 있습니다. 업계를 선도하는 프로 예술인들이 교육과정 전반에 걸쳐 제공하는 코칭과 지원을 바탕으로 다재다능하고 창의적인 예술인으로 성장하게 되는 것입니다.

트리니티 라반 대학은 세계 최고의 예술 및 교육기관과 파트너십을 체결해왔습니다. 이러한 파트너십을 통해 다양한 교환 프로그램, 인턴십(professional placement), 공동 공연 시리즈가 진행되고 있습니다. 본인이 열정을 가진 분야의 프로 예술인과의 협업 경험은 졸업 후 진로 발전을 위한 훌륭한 발판이 될 것입니다.

트리니티 라반 대학의 주요 프로페셔널 파트너는 다음과 같습니다.

  • BBC 콘서트 오케스트라(BBC Concert Orchestra)
  • 본머스 심포니 오케스트라(Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra)
  • 캔도코 댄스 컴퍼니(Candoco Dance Company)
  • 컴퍼니 웨인 맥그리거(Company Wayne McGregor)
  • 잉글리시 투어링 오페라(English Touring Opera)
  • 런던 필하모닉 오케스트라(London Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • 사우스뱅크 센터(Southbank Centre)
  • 테이트 모던 미술관(Tate Modern)


웨인맥그리거(Wayne McGregor, CBE 훈장수여자), ‘컴퍼니웨인맥그리거’ 소속안무가아트디렉터, ‘왕립발레단(The Royal Ballet)’ 소속상주안무가

Integrated English Pathway

Integrated English Pathway

Trinity Laban offers programmes in Music and Dance with an integrated English Language Pathway.

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